There is No Effort Without Error or Limitations

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There is No Effort Without Error or Limitations

There can’t be! Acting involves taking the risk of being wrong, and also accepting the existence of limits and restrictions. Whoever acts assumes the risk of failing and exhausting himself in the effort. And both possibilities will leave you, at best, in the starting situation. But despite the powerful logic of this argument, the man in the arena acts. Avoiding making mistakes has two big consequences. On the one hand the inaction that leaves everything at the mercy of circumstances and on the other the risk of not getting a hit. The “critic”, the unarmed man, avoids making mistakes and assumes their consequences: inaction and lack of success. He thus feels better, calmer. Because he understands, profoundly mistaken, that one of the goals of life is peace: “to live in peace”, without “big problems.

Twice as Hard for Our Dreams

And this is not true, because the evolution of all things requires work, sacrifice, effort and pain. This does not involve peace, rather tribulation. The mediocre man does not understand that peace is a state of mental, emotional and spiritual balance. It has nothing to do with externalities, it depends Uganda Phone Number List on the internal, personal interpretation. The man in the arena acts despite the risk of error, but this does not deprive him of peace, because he is never what happens to him. The one who counts is the one who… exhausts his strength in defense of a noble cause, the one who, if he is lucky, savors the triumph of great achievements There is a statement in Roosevelt’s speech that goes unnoticed: the man in the arena, if he is lucky , “savours the triumph of great achievement.” This is a hail to fortune.

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Entrepreneurship and Financial Freedom

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The effort sacrifice dedication and care lead to success, but never guarantee it. There is difference! Nothing is completely assured in life, not even the existence of the day that follows. And triumph is no exception. It always takes a bit of luck. But it is also true that one’s own luck grows as one works harder, and that it is always better to wait for it with the table laid. …and if he is unlucky Buy Views Like and fails, he fails at least by daring the greatest risk There is a profound difference between the loser and the one who fails. The first belongs to a state, the second responds to a function. Curiously, “the loser” fails very little because he does little, while the man of action fails many times more than he succeeds. Because success is never more numerous than failure, since that way it would have little value. Who dares takes risks and fails. But if these men did not exist, there would never be anything to celebrate either.

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