The Construction of Well-being From Organizations

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The Construction of Well-being From Organizations

Today workplaces have been impacted by many elements of humanity that have evolved or were born. Among them, without a doubt, are technology, diversity, globalization and generational changes. With all this, the ways of managing organizations have had to change to adapt. Currently we have management models, systems and other sophisticated theories focused on business management that have driven the evolution of management, and this seems great to me, but I think we have left aside a bit what is related to human beings have emerged in this area in the last decade, in my opinion it has not gone at the same pace as other areas of administration. Similarly, I think they have not been treated with the same relevance. Organizational psychology has been a great driver of efficiency in organizations. Since its inception it has supported this end and, thanks to this field of study.

Leave Everything on the Field

An evolution of the administration has been achieved. I think that this area of ​​knowledge still needs to be taken advantage of, which is why it is vital to look for management models that value the balance between the generation of profits and the construction of well-being from organizations . We have a large theoretical and practical framework that supports the Ukraine Phone Number List importance that people who have well-being are more committed to their activities and repay with a higher level of effectiveness in their functions., then why are there managers who do not give value to this fact? Is there such a high level of ignorance, disinterest or credulity regarding this issue on the part of those in charge of management? The construction of well-being from organizations The human being, minimum, spends approximately 30% of his life in the working world.

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No Matter How Much Time

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We invest a lot of time in our work in our organization, so why not turn. It into time that contributes greatly to our quality of life, to our well-being? In this regard French , (1996), shares the following: “Quality of Life at work is a management philosophy that improves the dignity of the employee, makes cultural changes and provides opportunities for personal development Buy Views Like and progress.” All this without neglecting the relevance and need to produce. Profit in the organization’s operations and without falling into extremes of paternalistic thoughts. Achieving this goal represents a great challenge today in the world of management.

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