How Copywriters Can Sri Lanka WhatsApp Number List Leverage the Power of Feelgood Chemicals to Make More Sales

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How Copywriters Can Sri Lanka WhatsApp Number List Leverage the Power of Feelgood Chemicals to Make More Sales

Sri-Lanka WhatsApp Number List
Sri-Lanka WhatsApp Number List

Sometimes we feel in two minds about things.

For example, imagine you’re out for dinner. Fabulous meal. Wonderful company.

And then your waiter Sri Lanka WhatsApp Number List comes by with the dessert tray.

Oh my … those desserts Sri Lanka WhatsApp Number List look amazing.

At this point, many of us find ourselves in two minds.

One part of our mind urgently, desperately wants to grab a slice of that triple-chocolate mousse cake.

Another part is reminding us of the calorie count and the huge amount of sugar in that dessert.

And it turns out … we are, literally, in two minds.

Welcome to your conflicted brain, and the world of neuromarketing

When you look at that dessert tray, your primitive brain lights up.

It’s the part of the brain that kept us alive when we were hunter-gatherers.

Back then, there were a few essential nutrients that were hard to come by. Specifically … fat, sugar, and salt.

Our brains are hard-wired to say “yes” to food that is sweet, fatty, or salty. It’s a survival thing. That’s why we find it so hard to resist the impulse to reach for that dessert, that burger, or that bag of salty chips.

Yes, this is why McDonald’s does so well, right down to the milkshakes.

Yes, this is why Lay’s boasts, “Bet you can’t eat just one!”

And yes, this is why it’s so easy to put on weight, and so hard to lose it.

Messages that come from this primitive part of our brain tend to dominate, simply because they’re all about survival.

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The brain sends you these eat-more signals by releasing neurochemicals, like oxytocin and dopamine.

These are the chemicals that make us feel good in anticipation of doing something pleasurable, like eating cake.

Oxytocin is known as the “bonding” hormone. It stimulates feelings of trust, openness, and togetherness.

And dopamine is the “gimme more” neurotransmitter. It’s all about our feelings of wanting, craving, and anticipating.

In other words, these are feelgood chemicals that copywriters can harness.

Everyone likes to feel good.

And what about that other “mind” of ours?

The primitive part of our brain really wants us to eat that dessert.

But there’s another voice in our brain that’s whispering to us about the number of calories in the cake. And the amount of sugar.

Where’s that voice coming from?

That’s our prefrontal cortex at work.

The prefrontal cortex, a more recently evolved part of our brain, is where we do our higher-level thinking and process emotions. It’s where we make sense of our day-to-day reality.

It’s the sensible, rational part of our mind.

It warns us about the cake, or buying those new shoes, or having that fifth beer.

As we know, usually to our cost, the primitive part of our brain usually wins.

There are feelbad chemicals too

That all-powerful, primitive part of our brain is all about keeping us alive.

It evolved not only to make us reach for fat, salt, and sugar … it also evolved to protect us from danger.

If a tiger jumps out in front of us, we needed to react quickly.

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The specific part of the primitive brain involved here is the amygdala. That’s our fight or flight center.

Dangerous things like tigers can fire up the amygdala, stimulate the release of cortisol, and make us want to run.

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