Facebook Advertising Lead Generation

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Facebook Advertising Lead Generation

Facebook is four. I think all of the other ones are first editions. I have a I get to this later, I have an Ethernet book and it’s third edition. So it’s kind of a crazy story. In fact, you aske me “What was your first book?” And this was my first book in and it’s call Industrial Ethernet: A Pocket Guide and I don’t think you’ve ever heard the story Chandler, but it is still in print even though it came out 20 years ago so so here’s the story behind this when I was I was a scrapping 28, 29 years old, sales and marketing manager, tiny little company.

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I’ve got a wife and a couple of kids in diapers Georgia Mobile Database and I’m I’m up to my eyeballs in debt, and I’m just paddling as hard as I can. And I’ve got this job at a hardware software company, and I’m selling this industrial stuff. And my boss had a marketing consultant, a really smart guy nam John Fox. John told him when Mike was approach by a trade magazine and they said, Will you write us an article about industrial networks? John said, “Mike, take it like do it.

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Connected And He Quizzed Me For A While

That’s a really good idea. Just take it Mike.” Okay. And so, Mike pounds out this article. And Mike is not a writer and he hated every minute of it. And I happened to be in Mike’s office the day Mike finished the article, and he says, “Man, I am so glad I’m done with this article. I hope I never write an article again. I think it’s done. It’s out the door.” He goes, “I hated that so much. Perry, if you ever want to write a magazine article, I’ll pay you $500 to do it.” And I go. “You will?” He goes, “Yeah, actually, I will. I don’t ever want to do that again.

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