Completely Forgetting All the Other Aspects

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Completely Forgetting All the Other Aspects

However, a very interesting option for companies that are beginning to export is to reach a collaboration. Agreement with another company that is already established in the country to which they intend to export. And through which said company makes its own sales channel available. is the socalled “piggy back” contract or model . If you intend to export your products, but encounter. Barriers and some initial difficulties you need to invest in advertising. Have a commercial network abroad, etc. a very interesting option for companies. That are starting to export is to reach out to a collaboration agreement with another. Company that is already established in the country to which it is intended to export, and by which said company makes its own sales channel available, is the socalled “piggy back” contract.

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Economic export for smes the piggyback model characteristics of the contract it is a collaboration agreement between two companies from the same country, by virtue of which a company not established abroad, generally an sme, takes advantage of the structure of another company that Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number List is established in the target market or country, to sell its products. In the same. Attention. It allows you to use the network of contacts of another company to sell your products through their network, in exchange for a commission. This method of concerted export is very useful, since you expand your business capabilities by distributing your products through channels similar to yours. The advantages for smes are reduced costs, accelerated access to the market, elimination of operations administrative and logistics.

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Important Elements That

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It is an atypical contract that incorporates elements of different contractual figures. Thus, elements of the commission, distribution and service leasing contract are present. There is no transfer of ownership between the assignor and the assignee , who acts as an intermediary . The objective pursued by this instrument is the expansion abroad of small companies, taking advantage Buy Views Like of the structure of a larger one knowhow, premises, advertising, commercial notoriety, commercial contacts, etc. The small business gains a presence that would otherwise be too burdensome for it. The already established company. Obtains a remuneration on sales between 3 and 20, as well as a fixed. Amount that contributes to defray the structure cost. In the same way, you can offer your clients a greater range of products, by adding to your own, that of the company whose export sales management you intend to carry out.

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