5 Mistakes to Avoid in Your Email Marketing Strategies

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5 Mistakes to Avoid in Your Email Marketing Strategies

The email marketing is one of the most powerful tools we have today to reach consumers in a more direct way and offer our products or service  Cyprus Business Email List However, planning this type of strategy is not easy at all and there are many mistakes that we can make and that can end up ruining our campaign, causing the conversion rate to be not what we expected.We must bear in mind that users receive many emails in their inbox every day and if we do not want our message to end up in the trash without even opening it, we must be creative and know how to attract their attention to obtain a good return on investment. . Therefore, today we bring you some of the most frequent mistakes that are usually made in email marketing strategies so that you can avoid them.
One of the most common mistakes in email marketing strategies is to make a generic campaign with a product and send it to all the customers who have already bought from us.

Check your database well and do not send emails to users with products they have already purchased, especially if it is an offer with a considerable discount.DO NOT SEND OFFERS THAT ARE NOT SHOWN ON THE WEBDo not promise things that do not exist, as this annoys users a lot. If they enter the web in search of the offer you have shown them and then they do not find it or the conditions are different from what they seemed to be, you will only damage your corporate image and the campaign will fall on deaf ears.Many times companies schedule emails to be sent before the date it ends. The problem is that if we do it too early to create expansion, we must do it very carefully and with a lot of left hand. And it is that there is nothing more frustrating for consumers than clicking on an offer and the page gives an error because it has not yet been created or that the offer is no longer active because stocks are exhausted.

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With which not only will it not be of any use, but you will also be able to burn users Buy View Like  and they may not open your emails in the future.Many times information is omitted or it is made to appear that what is advertised is something else to make the offer seem more attractive, but playing games with confusion and confusion will only make consumers perceive your brand negatively. Simplify things and be transparent in the information you give so as not to mislead consumers and end up being disappointed when they come across reality.It makes no sense to send emails that do not fit the tastes, preferences or circumstances of the person who receives them. For example, sending makeup offers to men is obviously much less effective than sending them to women. In addition, you will be bothering him with advertising that he does not want to see. Segment the audience well and create personalized messages with content that may really interest them so that your conversion rate is higher.

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