Youtube Is the World’s Top-grossing Video App

YouTube continues to be the most Philippines WhatsApp Number List by Internet users, but for some time it has also been the most profitable. According to data reported by SensorTower , user spending on YouTube more than doubled from the previous year.70% of this revenue would come from users coming from the United States, followed by 7% by Japan and 4% by Great Britain.In second position in the ranking of the most profitable video and photo applications, we find the Chinese platform Kwai. The app has gross revenues of around $ 78 million, a growth of 57% over the previous year. Not surprisingly, the majority of this income is 99% from China.But the real surprise comes from the ranking of these applications on the Android store. We can see on Sensor .

Tower’s charts that YouTube does not appear in the list of the 10 most profitable applications for Android, despite the fact that it is a service of Google. It is 17 LiveAF which occupies this first place, followed by the Twitch platform.As a reminder, only a few third-party Facebook partners offered the functionality (Agorapulse, Hootsuite…), but there was no native functionality to schedule or publish. Ditto for the publication from desktop which remains rather laborious. With Creator Studio, everything is very fluid, and you can publish from the desktop with ease. The only flaw in the service: it is currently impossible to create and schedule stories. The functionality is in the process of being deployed (so be patient if you do not have access to it yet).

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YouTube 1st in the world and on iOS .

Amazon announced a 3% price hike barely 3 weeks after the adoption of the “GAFA tax”. This increase will only be passed on to French sellers, so as not to cut into the company’s profits. The increase will come into effect in October 2019, at the same time as the GAFA tax. This impact on customers is fully assumed by Amazon.Following the introduction of a new tax in France, we would like to inform you that we will be forced to adjust the rates of our selling costs on to reflect this additional cost . As this tax directly targets the marketplace services that we make available to the companies we work with, we have no other choice but to pass it on to them.


Even if the end customer is not a priori impacted by this tax, there is a good chance that third-party sellers will increase the price of their products in order to preserve their margins. Amazon is the first company to announce an impact of the GAFA tax on customers or consumers. This illustrates the difficulty of effectively taxing the giants of the web, which have no difficulty in finding a solution in order to preserve their financial results.We do not yet know how the other players will react. Rakuten (Price Minister) has so far announced that it will not pass the price increase on to its marketplace customers.

But not ranked on Android

After the revelation this week of listening to Siri recordings by subcontractors, Apple today decides to suspend its program for analyzing requests around the world. As a reminder, Apple subcontractors had access to recordings of Siri requests in order to analyze the quality of the responses, given various factors such as the activation of the voice assistant, whether voluntary or accidental, the fact that Siri can provide a response to the query and whether the response is appropriate.In some time, Apple may deliver a software update that will allow Siri users to choose whether or not to participate in this case ranking process. ” We are committed to providing a great Siri experience while protecting user privacy ,” said Apple.

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Calls are usually made from abroad, or by robots. They ask you to call them back (on surcharged numbers of course), or offer you a new package, windows … Excessive canvassing has become a scourge and has become widespread. To remedy this situation, which is often akin to harassment, the Electronic Communications and Postal Regulatory Authority (Arcep) has taken measures.The telecoms gendarme will indeed prohibit the use of a multipurpose (09) or geographic (01 to 05) number from France from abroad. This subterfuge is indeed very often used to increase the response rate. The measure should come into effect on August Arcep is also attacking automated calls. Bots will no longer be able to use caller IDs from geographic (01-05), mobile (06-07) or versatile (09) numbers. This last measure is according to the operators very complex to implement …