Youtube Explains Why Some Channels Have Lost

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Youtube Explains Why Some Channels Have Lost

Have you recently noticed that the Canada WhatsApp Number List to your YouTube channel has dropped significantly? Don’t panic, Google’s online video service has announced that it is cleaning up the accounts registered on its platform.Either the user has voluntarily made the decision to close his account Either YouTube considers that the user does not meet the general conditions of use of its platform How to check if a closed account has been removed from my subscriber list To do this, log into your YouTube Studio account . Then click on Analytics data , then on Learn more, under the statistics graph for your channel. On the page that will appear, select Subscription Source . You will then see which accounts YouTube was able to close, following this latest update.


According to a scientific study mentioned by the consultant, practitioners would be ready to use it. AI could, for example, have a positive impact for them in order to save time on tasks with high added value and improve medical uses for patients.Coordinator of the economic component of the national strategy in artificial intelligence for the General Directorate of Enterprises (DGE), Christel Fiorina presented the national and European plan of France in the field of AI. This strategy is based on expertise and detection, with the following objectives:This is in line with many announcements in recent months, such as the limitation of message transfers, new privacy options or the ability to choose who can add us to a group develop French AI technologies developed by large groups and disseminate them in the economy support companies in their digital transformation.

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Why some YouTube accounts were closed

This national strategy is based on the Villani “AI for humanity” report . For this, various systems have been put in place by the DGE, such as the challenges of AI or the major challenges around artificial intelligence, on the security and certification of algorithms, but also medical diagnostics and the question of sharing of personal data. “AI is reweaving the fabric of society: what ethical consequences? »By Jean-Gabriel Ganascia . As we saw in the middle of the day with Jean-François Goudou’s conference, AI feeds the myths and legends of transgression, from Antiquity until the 20th century and the advent of robots, until to the technological singularity that we know with the transition to the year 2000. With the exponential acceleration of new technologies, will man be overtaken by machines? Will AI grow faster than human intelligence?



Is Artificial Intelligence the New Religion ( Way of the Future Church )? While we should not be afraid of artificial intelligence, Jean-Gabriel Ganascia warns that men will have to adapt to new jobs, while a certain number of tasks will become more and more automated. ” We must not look at the future worriedly, but straight ahead, and see how we are going to be able to adapt to face this new situation. “The use of non-free music without authorization can expose the creators to deletions of their works, but also to prosecution. This has been the case for a long time on YouTube, where videos are removed from the platform when rights holders request it. To prevent these copyright concerns, YouTube has been offering creators for several years a library of royalty-free music. But video is not the only one affected by copyright and the ban on the use of songs without permission.

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How to check if a closed account has been removed from my subscriber list

Any online creation is subject to the same rules, this is the case for podcasts. PEX is a service which notably offers rights holders to scan certain platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or TikTok to find offenders. Using fingerprinting technology, PEX can detect the use of a song even if it only lasts half a second. The platform allows rights holders to take actions directly, with one click. After video platforms and social networks, the service will be extended to another format: podcasts. The business journal podcast thus announces the arrival of Apple Podcasts in the tracked platforms. At a time when the format is greatly professionalizing and looking for means of monetization, this arrival of rights holders seems quite logical.


However, this will force creators to adapt (if this was not already the case), at the risk of seeing their podcasts disappear from Apple’s platform. Need help finding royalty free music? Check out our list of resources on this topic !The online video service specifies that this action will have no impact on the viewing time statistics on your channel.This update to the platform managed by Google is reminiscent of recent actions taken by other social networks, such as Twitter. If the project has been postponed , accounts that have been inactive for 6 months should soon be deleted, in accordance with GDPR.Note that this possible decrease in your number of subscribers on YouTube has been visible since December 3.

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