You Understand Both

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You Understand Both

YouTube provides advertisers with different ways to reach their target audience through marketing ads. In order to advertise products or services, advertisers can use the following advertising methods. These are ads that allow the surfer to skip them after 5 seconds from the moment they start showing. Although these ads do not guarantee full exposure of surfers to the brand, they are consider cheaper, and are perceiv as less annoying.

Types of ads that can be produce

Video ads that cannot be skippe – here we are dealing with ads that the surfer must complete viewing in order to move to the next video. Although they guarantee viewing, they are equally consider annoying at times, and may annoy the target audience.

These are non-skippable ads, but 6 seconds Ghana Phone Number List long. They combine the ability to confidently reach the target audience, and the need not to be too intrusive and bothersome. To produce such ads requires great talent, and excellent production ability, as the advertiser is requir to compress the marketing message and the value proposition in six seconds or less. It is even possible to produce a story in continuations using the bumper ads and thus present the story to the surfer about the brand/product through 3 different videos.

Ghana Phone Number List
Ghana Phone Number List

YouTube advertising platform

Advertising prices on YouTube vary according to different and diverse parameters, so only a rough estimate is given here. To arrive at the exact prices, of course, you have to take into account all the relevant parameters. Wide-scale advertising with exposure to a million and a half surfers per day for 24 hours will cost approximately NIS 40,000.

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Advertising through pre-videos for the current videos – if the surfer did not click on the skip button – the price ranges from 8 cents per view to about 15 cents per view. Advertising through banners refers to many parameters and the click data of the surfers.

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