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Work In Your Business

In the characterization process, we will understand, among other things, the entry barriers of our products, we will understand which products are more relevant and which are less, and most importantly Because immediately after the characterization process, the process of building the strategy begins. And much of our way of thinking as business owners or as professionals about the strategy process is based on the entire characterization process. In the characterization process we will understand where our customers are (Instagram, Facebook, Google, emails).

We will understand how they consume the Tunisia Phone Number List content relevant to our product. We will characterize the customer’s demographic data. And we will find the “delta” (target audience) of our customers. We need to start a process of differentiation and building a target audience.

All that’s left is to start market

As long as we have a clear target audience, we can start doing in-depth research on the target audience we are addressing. How are they looking for us or our services? Phrases in disguise? Way of thinking and looking? Where am I better than my competitors. How do I put it in the foreground? And this is how a strategy be to be built.

Tunisia Phone Number List

After the characterization we will start the research

Dror is a mortgage consultant who can help  everyone . Housing improvers, first home buyers, young and old couples, investors. In the process of characterizing Dror, we discover that the “delta” of his Buy View Like customers are first-time home buyers. There are many different and varied meanings for understanding the “delta”. Because I now know that first home buyers are people age 25-35. Is he looking for information or does he actually prefer a conversation with a human being.

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