What is Mailrelay and why is it so popular?

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What is Mailrelay and why is it so popular?

Talking about digital marketing is talking about mailrelay, the most popular email BULGARIA BUSINESS EMAIL LIST tool of the moment. Despite the emergence of social networks, email continues to be one of the most used options by companies to get commercial messages to customers. A truly effective communication channel between the business and the client, which also offers great results in terms of return on investment and reach. Mailrelay is the perfect tool for companies to carry out email marketing campaigns. In addition, this tool has been completely renewed, so the new Mailrelay version offers new functionalities that will be very useful to any type of business with an internet presence.With more than 15 years of experience in the marketing sector, mailrelay is considered the best email marketing service in the Spanish market . With a 100% own development, the mailrelay platform stands out for its complete customization, so it adapts to the needs of each company’s email marketing campaigns. In addition, its popularity is due to its many functionalities and its attractive design, which combines the functional with the aesthetic.

Unlike other options on the market, this email marketing company offers the opportunity to create a free account so that businesses can send up to 75,000 emails per month for free, and manage up to 15,000 contacts. All this with the possibility of managing a list of subscribers and subsequently analyzing the success of the campaign carried out via email.WHAT’S NEW IN THE NEW VERSION OF MAILRELAY As a leader in the sector, mailrelay has been able to reinvent itself by launching a new version that has been improved from scratch and has a new appearance. In addition, it also has numerous new features that facilitate the task of creating, managing and analyzing the results of an email marketing campaign by companies. The most notable improvement is the new main Dashboard , which has a menu at the top to access the summary and reports of the latest campaigns, which makes it faster to move around the tool. A fast and visual way to know all the details of the latest email marketing campaigns.

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The new version of mailrelay includes a new and powerful drag & drop editor that facilitates the creation of newsletters. In this way, companies only have to drag and drop the modules they want to include, be it text, blocks for Buy View Like  social networks or multimedia content. Mailrelay has also improved and optimized its statistics section, offering much more information in real time. A new way to measure and analyze the results of email marketing campaigns. In addition, the tool offers companies other outstanding functions such as the possibility of new dynamic segments , which are complemented by traditional segmentation by groups, as well as improved automation to create workflows based on registrations, newsletter opening and clicks. All this while preserving its classic characteristics that have made it the most successful email marketing tool.

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