What Is It And What Is It For

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What Is It And What Is It For

With this we can identify those elements that can be optimize to make the web page go much faster. Post index [ hiderface from which the spee test is carrie out and provides recommendations to optimize web perfoKnowing how to handle 301 and 302 reirects is one of those things that makes all the difference when you do SEO. Next, we will reveal its uses, advantages, and how to reirect one web page to another automatically. Post index [ hide ] 1 What are 301 and 302 reirects: what are they for.

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Advantages of applying reirections on your website 2.1 301 and 302 reirects optimize the user experience 2.2 Reirection and Google: born to Egypt Phone Number understand each other 3 How to do a 301 reirect What are 301 and 302 reirects: what are they for? Reirects are codes that are use when a certain resource is no longer at the requeste URL but at another . and bots use by search engines of this circumstance , providing them with the URL where said element has been transferre. The truth is that there are many reirect codes 300, 304, 307owever.

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The most use In fact, they are very useful for both users and Google crawlers . 301 reirects are use to indicate that a file has been permanently move Buy Views Like from one URL to another . This would be the case of domain changes or modification of URLs to make them friendly. 302 reirects are use to report that an item is temporarily locate at a different URL. Let’s imagine the case that we have to repair a hacke page and, while we do it, . Another difference between 301 and 302 reirects is that only the former can be cache.

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