What are the keys to effective email marketing?

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What are the keys to effective email marketing?

Email marketing is a concept of daily use that offers many benefits, some of which are: inform about a product, show and explain its functionality, as well as expose its advantages. The expert Eduardo Esparza, Country Manager of Webloyalty, defines: «It is a communication technique that allows companies to maintain a frequent relationship with their clients, opening the door to the exchange of feedback and opinions. In this way, a circle of trust is built that will allow, not only to retain the consumer, but also to give its own value and solidity to a business model and a brand that it already uses with some regularity. It is about generating emotions and satisfying them in a continuous and respectful way.But, what are the keys for email Czechia Business Email List to be effective? To what extent can it promote the growth of a business? What should and should not be done to positively influence the recipient? These are some of the questions that professionals and users ask about this tool. Aspects to take into account include the subject of the email, the title, the included graphic material, the web links, the writing and the impact on RRSS.

On the first point you have to be clear, concise and original. No metaphors or long sentences. Also no misleading figures or subordinate phrases. This is the only way for the recipient to open and read the message and for the system not to redirect it to the ” Spam ” or “junk mail” folder . The use of exclamations, question marks and capital letters should be avoided and, in addition, it is advisable to include the name of the recipient in both the subject and the body of the message.Likewise, it is important to segment and take care of the contacts in a list to minimize the risk of unsubscribing users from the newsletter . Regarding the body of the message, it should be brief, summarized with concise headlines and subheadings and concrete ideas that call for action. Using emoticons or colors along with numbers and percentages can also help grab the reader’s attention.As for the content, it must be thought and directed taking into account the interests of the recipient. In addition, the newsletter must be sent regularly, but not on a daily basis, because it is possible that the user will block any content due to its appearance of invasive advertising.

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Another issue to take into account is language, which must be descriptive but direct, supported, among other things, by product hyperlinks, high-resolution Buy View Like  photographs or explanatory videos that adapt to all available electronic devices. According to the Mobile Report in Spain and in the World 2017 , prepared by Ditrendia, it is estimated that of the 4.9 billion people who have a mobile phone, 3.7 billion access and operate on the internet through this device .It is interesting to note that within Spanish companies that practice email marketing, 40.16% acknowledge sending one email per month compared to 32.16% who claim to send two or three a month. This is reflected in the Research on the use and perception of email marketing in Spain carried out by Digital Response together with Adigital, where it is pointed out that 62.14% use data to enhance the personalization of the promoted content. The Name of the recipient (56.45%) and the Subject (51.70%) are the two areas most personalized by the companies that have participated in the study, where not only detail is sought, but creativity and ingenuity to base of formulas that seek to consolidate that union between the two parties, although certain challenges still have to be overcome that slow down any progress in this regard.

The lack of internal resources and specialized personnel, the lack of control in this regard (according to the Mobile report in Spain and in the World 2017, 38% say they have an elementary level of email marketing compared to 18% who acknowledge having advanced) and the low investment made in this field (less than 10% of the total budget allocated to marketing) means that progress does not develop as quickly as expected.Hence, 43% of the surveyed companies confess that their results are poor, although they are positive in terms of improvements . Eduardo Esparza concludes: «The challenge is to attract clients without falling into abusive practices. We must study the different profiles, develop different personalized proposals and offer, not only services, but quality content so that the user is informed of the news, but also of the current situation in the sector. Mutual enrichment and interaction between the two parties will allow the creation of a sustainable, evolutionary and multidisciplinary email marketing model ”.

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