We Kick Off With Why He Wrote

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We Kick Off With Why He Wrote

Perry Marshall [00:10:35] Oh, that’s a great question. And here’s here’s how I do it. In fact, this is really core to how I do all of this. Though I do not look at it as though the topic is changing. So one view of of Google’s platform or Facebook’s platform is, oh, my goodness, it’s changing all the time. Okay. That’s true. But that’s only true on the surface level. It’s like, say the ocean is changing all the time.

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Yeah, it’s also been there like for 3 billion Egypt Mobile Database years. Right. And in fact, it might not look terribly different than it looked a billion years ago. What part of it does it change? Well, in marketing, the part that doesn’t change is the stuff in scientific advertising by Claude Hopkins. There is a set of principles that do not change no matter what they did to the screen or the log in or the menu or what features they’ve got or however they change all that stuff. And I’ve never written my books with the intent that they’re going to understand the software interface. I write the books with the intent that they’re going to understand the principles behind the platform.

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That regardless of how the rules make change or their quality score algorithm might change. That I’m still following in the steps of Clyde Hopkins. You know, like Clyde Hopkins invented the coupon in the late 1800s because he needed a way to track advertisements in newspapers. Who bought the soap from this ad versus this ad? And he Buy View Like would have the stories. Well, you know, every time you give us one of these clipped coupons, we will give you cash. So we are paying you to help us track our advertising. And this is this is how they worked out the whole notion of of direct marketing, you know, 120 years ago. And so he wrote this book called Scientific Advertising.

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