We Came Forward With These Ideas

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We Came Forward With These Ideas

There are other keywords, they should be introduce in the paragraphs and, if possible, also in one of the subheadings. Both the keywords and the most important paragraphs should be highlighte using bold . If you have images, they must be consistent with the purpose of the article and must have their “alt” attribute with the keywords . If they are ordere with meta titles and meta descriptions, these must be of adequate length, as well as having the main keyword in them . Paragraphs should be short and easy to read. Excessively long sentences (more than 25 words) will not be abuse.

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The content must be structure in subheadings and none of them may have more than 300 words. If you want to buy a text for SEO positioning , we recommend that you read a test and that it meets the requirements mentione above. And, at the same time, avoid everything that we are going to tell you next. What should a good SEO text Growth Cambodia Phone Number Hacking contain? CLICK TO TWEET If you are going to buy texts, this is what they should not have If when buying SEO to view a test, or they have already done one for you and you want to know if it is a good text to position, this is what it should not have: First of all, get out of all the indications made in  Being a copy or plagiarism of another text already.

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In this previous section.z it is more than likely that your website will suffer a penalty and it will be very difficult to position the page or content. Excessive Buy Views Like repetition in keywords. This is calle keyword stuffing and is considere over-optimization, with a high risk of being penalize by Google. That the keywords, even if they are include, are within the context of the search intention they have.

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