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Valued if Consumers Vietnam Phone Number

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Valued if Consumers Vietnam Phone Number

Programmatic In the list of things that Amazon has been launching in recent years and with which it has been impacting the market. Different issues have entered that could almost be said to be expected. Amazon has created a conglomerate of its own Vietnam phone number . With an increasingly high presence on its platform; It has positioned itself in key markets with growing potential in the industry. Such as online supermarkets and food; and it has tried to cross the borders of what the latest technology allows. As it has been doing with its stores without cashiers. The last move. However. Seems at first glance somewhat surprising and unexpected. Amazon has opened a hair salon.

The Amazon Salon has just opened its doors in London. In the neighborhood of Spitalfields. As in any hair salon. They have a team of stylists who are in Vietnam phone number charge of offering haircuts. Blow-dries. Dyes and similar services to their clients. Both adults and children. The hairdressing equipment is provided by a local company. The Neville Hair & Beauty Salon. Which has been open for 20 years. Does this mean that hairdressers will be the next great battle of the greats of the network? Is the future one of hairdressing ecommerce? Not quite. In the end.

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Getting your hair cut cannot be done online. The launch of the Amazon barber shop has less to do with the fact that it is a barber shop itself than with the element that accompanies the space. The salon is full of technology and will be a stage to test how it is Vietnam phone number used and how consumers react to it. Basically. It’s a new test scenario for the potential of augmented reality. Right now only Amazon employees can access it. But in the immediate future – Amazon speaks in the presentation press release of “the next few weeks” – the general public will be able to come to try it. At Amazon’s salon. Customers will be able to try out how their hair color will look before applying the dye using augmented reality and make purchases using QR codes and other technologies. For example.

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Amazon will test “point and learn” tools. In addition. There will be a “creative area” and instead of reading the classic hairdressing magazines. Entertainment can be accessed via a Fire tablet. Although in the presentation press release they make it clear that this is something specific and that they have no plans to open more hairdressers in more places. Their Vietnam phone number very existence demonstrates the interest in technology and how its application changes things in terms of customer relations. . The potential of augmented reality Augmented reality is one of the basic pieces of this new generation hairdressing idea. Which becomes one of the latest examples of its potential and its power to connect with consumers and to test how far companies can go in terms of of customer experience. Furthermore.

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The interesting thing about augmented reality is that the consumer is not limited to the specific environment controlled by the brand. You don’t have to be in your store to try it. But you can do it anywhere. You just need a device that allows you to do it and. Right now. There are many more who stop using augmented reality than those who do it with virtual. For Vietnam phone number consumers. It opens the doors to many actions. Trying products before buying them and expanding the potential for use in electronic commerce. You don’t have to actually see it. But you can create a certain illusion that you are doing it. The development of 5G will make the use of augmented reality easier and therefore grow.

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