Unified Microsoft Office App To Unite Word

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Unified Microsoft Office App To Unite Word

Until now, there have been applications Georgia WhatsApp Number List  They required a download for each of them, and took up a lot of space on your mobile. To provide a simplified experience, Microsoft is working on a unified Office application, which will include the main features of each of these software. You will be able to view documents, modify them or even share them between several devices. If you have an Office 365 subscription and want to access all the features of each solution, you can continue to use the dedicated applications. Born from a partnership with Samsung on the occasion of the release of the Galaxy Note 10 this summer, this application will be deployed on Android and iOS. It is already available in public beta on Android and via TestFlight on iOS (although it is no longer possible to register).


This new unified application will allow a better experience for occasional users. It is also part of a global movement to optimize major office applications on mobile and tablet, as evidenced by the recent or announced releases of Photoshop and Illustrator on the iPad.University of Pisa and, it goes without saying, University Rennes 1. At the origin of the format of the event, a succession of keynotes, technological battles and artistic performances for a day of discoveries and well-vitaminized experiences. For XL Passes, Our event is globally designed for all technology and innovation enthusiasts, so it is quite large … Concretely, there are many entrepreneurs, actors of the Breton innovation ecosystem, but also investors who come to “feel »Trends, researchers who come to see their peers and, we hope this year, even more students because we have made an unprecedented effort on prices for them (note: only 15 euros) !

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A well-integrated issue

This year’s themes are health, digital creativity and artificial intelligence. Why these choices? Health and well-being are topics that speak to everyone, so it was important for us to be able to engage our audiences very directly; genome sequencing, modeling, medical or robotic imaging in surgery, there are many areas of exploration. Digital creativity is a technological subject that opens the doors to the imagination and to art, and we like that! And then artificial intelligence seems omnipresent in the media and, more generally in our society. In fact, it even sometimes seems to be almost confused with all computer subjects … So it seemed useful to us to have a critical look at this phenomenon. Thanks for the question! We will have on our stage this year for example Gareth Loudon , alumnus of Apple Research and Ericsson Research, who is the founder of the Center for Creativity Ltd and a professor at the Cardiff School of Art and Design.



For anyone interested in data, Riitta Vanska and Jaana Sinipuro will come from Finland to share their work on the data economy with us, particularly around the IHAN® project, which aims to define new rules on a European scale. We also expect a lot from the intervention of Jean-François Goudou, who is an expert in deep tech (passed through the French tech champions Safran and Thales) and VP Research at Meero, this now famous startup which has raised 205 million dollars. euros last June… And we could continue like this, with Racha Abu El Ata (Microsoft France), the Honorable Jean-Gabriel Ganascia (La Sorbonne), etc . What other highlights will there be during the event (workshops, networking, business…)? Are there any novelties on the program?
Beyond the big stage, The Digital Tech Conference is indeed a set of “features” that we wanted to be useful and informative for our participants.

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Predictive, main objective

We have set up a program of masterclasses and workshops to go further in understanding the major contemporary issues of technology, its uses, etc. For the first time this year, we will also have an exhibition and demo space for innovative companies related to the three themes of the event. And then, under the “privileged” section, we coordinate an exclusive time for discussion with the speakers directly leaving the stage for our XL Passes and we call this “Ask me anything” (so… What else!). One of the big novelties this year is surely our student rate: we have managed to go down to 15 euros, What are your goals for this new edition? Especially with this change of location … Is it time to take a step forward? This year, we are in co-production with Destination Rennes and the large French digital research laboratory Inria, to also promote the region’s skills in digital innovation.

Technology and creativity. The choice of the brand new Couvent des Jacobins should give the event the opportunity to flourish to its full extent!A study conducted by Octopeek examines the relationship that e-commerce retailers and decision-makers have with artificial intelligence. This is more and more considered essential. The links are increasingly strong between e-merchants and AI. Source: Octopeek. It is becoming difficult to envision an online service without artificial intelligence, at a time when data is used to personalize experiences, best address target populations and best predict their behavior. Retail and more generally e-commerce are at the forefront when it comes to this issue. Octopeek, an agency specializing in IA & Big data, conducted a survey of 112 decision-makers working in the retail sector to understand their relationship with artificial intelligence.

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