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Reissue of a Decathlon Jogging Return to the Twitter Phenomenon

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Reissue of a Decathlon Jogging Return to the Twitter Phenomenon

The best jams are made in old jars, as the saying goes. Decathlon understood this well this week. The sports brand has embarked on the reissue of one of its old jogging models dating from 1985. And we have to believe that the brand certainly did not expect such success. Indeed, it was such that the decathlon.fr website ended up crashing due to the excessive web traffic it recorded. When the Decathlon site crashes because of a reissue… The beginning of this story begins, in reality, on august 24, 2018. When decathlon publishes on its twitter account the images of a catalog from 1985. Highlighting jogging stamped decathlon. Twitter: at the heart of this reissue a twitter user then challenged the brand by. Asking how many retweets decathlon would be ready to reissue this model. To which the brand replied that from 10,000 retweets, jogging would be reissued.

When the Decathlon Site Crashes Because of a Reissue

Four hours later, the tweet in question had already reached 13,000 RTs. From August 31, designers were already ready to relaunch the 1985 model. As the Controlling Directors Email Lists months went by, the community manager held subscribers in suspense to finally announce. On february 6 the official date of this reissue. For subscribers, the appointment was made on february 13 at 1 p.M. Twitter. September communication on the reissue of the jogging twitter: october communication on the reissue of the jogging twitter. December communication on the reissue of the jogging twitter. Communication from december bis on the reissue of the jogging twitter. February communication on the reissue of jogging communication on twitter the launch of the reissued jogging d-day. A disproportionate success on february 13 at 1 p.M. The jogging was therefore republished on the site.

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A Disproportionate Success on February 13 at 1 P.m

Controlling Directors Email Lists

To bring a touch of exclusivity, Decathlon had planned to offer online. A limited series of 1,000 copies, numbered by hand. Only, Internet users were massively present subscribers. They were already nearly 30,000 to retweet the original tweet. because the site finally crashed before it could even sell out. It only took 30 seconds for the site to crash due to too much traffic. On its Twitter account, the brand admitted to being far from its forecast traffic estimates. At 1 p.m., tens of thousands of Internet users visited the site at the same time. Three times more than the historical peak that the site had experienced initially.

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