Can Purchase The Product Immediately In This Second

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Can Purchase The Product Immediately In This Second

Which complicates the task of getting app downloads. And it is that, the Mobile 2016 study of IAB Spain, ensures what are the main reasons that push a user to uninstall the Apps: Lack of use (62%). It was not what was expecte (46%). It takes up too much space (39%). Do you think you are doing well with your App? Normally, the main mistake when creating an App is to launch it in the corresponding market (either in the App Store or Google Play ) and wait for users to download it just like that. But with as much competition as there is, the chances of your App being chosen are greatly reuce.

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Also, if you don’t pay attention to it, you’ll see first-hand that it’s not just getting app downloads that’s getting more and more complicate. You will also see how the downloads are falling day after day. To avoid this, it is recommende that you Uganda Phone Number List draw up a good action plan when launching your application. And that you keep it for further promotion. This is where a new discipline comes into play: ASO or App Store Optimization . A process that will help you when positioning and giving visibility to your mobile application.

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For you to understand, it is the closest thing to SEO (search engine positioning) of the Apps. If you are intereste in getting more downloads of your Apps, pay attention to the following 9 strategies that we recommend: 1.- ASO to get Buy Views Like app downloads get app downloads ASO is the fundamental base of mobile marketing and the main technique that will give you a boost when it comes to increasing the downloads of your application. This discipline deals with the key optimization process of mobile applications. And it will help you appear in the search results of the main application markets.

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