There Are Some Countries

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There Are Some Countries

Age groups, gender, interests and ads that perform better than others. That is why when it comes to optimizing campaigns, we must avoid doing it a day after we put them to work. Let the algorithm learn about your audience, so it’s a good idea to start making some campaign changes 3-4 days after you start them. This principle also applies to budget adjustments and the end of the campaign, so it is suggested to wait 3-4 days before making a final decision. What’s really amazing is that you can find all that information in Facebook Ads Reports, so make a habit of coming back every so often and evaluating your campaigns.

For example, you can check the performance and click count report to get an overview of how your ad has performed. As a general rule, try to achieve at least 1% CTR (click-through rate) in the News Feed on both mobile and PC. If you’re getting a South africa whatsapp number list good CTR rate, then your bid, audience, and ad design are working well. If you see that you are not having at least a 1% CTR, you will want to continue testing. To get the most out of your Facebook campaigns you can try other products, or with other audiences. This will help your online store grow in the long run.

Different Ads and Audiences

Similarly, see how many clicks you get and what the cost per click is for different ads and audiences. This will help you plan your future ad campaigns. Finally, review your Facebook ad campaigns using different types of breakdown: Thanks to the breakdown, you can very quickly analyze your results by various segments. For example, different countries, age, gender and placement, and identify any hidden valuables that work well. Age: Find the best age group to convert and allocate your entire budget to that group.

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South-Africa WhatsApp Number List

If your audience is large enough and multiple age groups work well for you, you can split your budget across different ad sets to get a clear picture of performance. This is a good idea, especially when you have good results both in the group aged between 18 and 24 years, and 35 and 44 years respectively. Since you can’t just exclude the age group between these two, in that hypothetical context you would have to split the campaign. Gender: If you see that your products are converting more among men or women, exclude the other gender and focus your efforts on the one that performs better. Country/Region: This process is very time consuming compared to the others.

If You’re Targeting Multiple

It’s best not to optimize based on the region variable at first. If you’re targeting multiple different countries in the same ad set, it makes sense to optimize if it becomes apparent that any of the countries are negatively impacting your ad set’s performance. Ad placement: If you have little experience with News Feed and its display on PC and mobile devices, you need to know where your customers are visiting your store and buying your products from: whether they are on mobile devices or desktop computers. desk. Review metrics related to your ad placement breakdown and exclude non-converting placements that consume the majority of your advertising budget.

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