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Their Loyalty It Is They Ukraine Phone Number

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Their Loyalty It Is They Ukraine Phone Number

Only 32% of users consider the carbon footprint important and take into account when choosing a means of transport to make a trip. A percentage similar to that of those who never take it into account (29%). And only 22% of those surveyed are proud of the Ukraine phone number recycling and reuse of materials they carry out. In short. Brands should do more to raise awareness of their sustainability policies and the advantages and benefits they provide. Taking into account the relevance that this aspect is acquiring for consumers. The price The importance of price varies depending on the field in question.

In food. 66% of consumers say they are willing to pay more for green products. As long as the price difference is marginal. When purchasing a car. 80% of those surveyed take into account the environmental impact of services and maintenance and 65% would be willing to purchase the green option. To comply with current regulations. Although 25% do not know Ukraine phone number maintenance options. In the case of public services. 53% mention price as a deterrent when hiring suppliers with sustainable practices. Although 23% point to a lack of knowledge. Income level sets the tone here. As consumers with the lowest level are more reluctant to pay more for sustainable public services than those with the highest income. The percentages are 18% versus 21%. Respectively. In other words.

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In the case of food and vehicle maintenance. Consumers would be willing to pay more. Unlike what happens in the field of public services. Communities 55% of the participants would be interested in joining a food network or community to promote food recycling or sustainable food. Although. At the moment. Only 7% are already members of this type of network. In Ukraine phone number addition. 80% of consumers would prefer to be part of a community that offers discounts for the purchase of sustainable products. Rather than belong to a loyalty program based on purchase volume. Conclusions The conclusions of the study show that brands must be more transparent in the information on the sustainability of the materials they use; they must increase awareness and promotion of their sustainability initiatives.

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And be aware that users are willing to pay more for sustainable products. As long as they know their advantages. As well as to participate in communities that promote recycling and the circular economy . Awareness must be addressed to audiences of all ages. Since. Although young people attach more importance to sustainability than older Ukraine phone number people. They also have more years ahead of them to buy and. Therefore. They must be completely convinced of it. How they use gender stereotypes and how they permeate their messages. Studies have been showing that advertisements carry a burden in this area and that sexist representations are detrimental in their relationship with consumers specifically and with the market in general (beyond what they suppose in their very essence).

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However. All these analyzes have focused on what happens to the message. With the final work done by marketers and advertisers. Does the industry have a problem below the surface and at an internal level? That is. Is the marketing and advertising Ukraine phone number environment sexist with its own female workers? Some data might invite you to think not. In new C-Marketing hires. Gender balance has been achieved much more than it is in other C-suite departments. The latest study on CMO signings indicates that. Of the 2020 hires. 45% were women . In the previous year they were 50%.

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