The Year 2019 Seen By Twitter

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The Year 2019 Seen By Twitter

Composed of several photos that Cambodia WhatsApp Number List  or a short video, GIFs continue to make the web happy, to illustrate an expression, a state of mind or a reaction to a given situation. In 2019, Internet users have again given to their hearts content. With “Thank You” by Keanu Reeves, starring Netflix’s romantic comedy “Always Be My Maybe”, “Great Job Yes” from the “Last call” series broadcast on the American channel Bounce TV, or again “Angry Season 9” from Shameless, the series are featured in the ranking of the most popular GIFs of the year on GIPHY.Organized in partnership by Le Poool, Destination Rennes and INRIA, the 5th edition of the Digital Tech Conference brought together digital lovers on December 6, at the Couvent des Jacobins, in Rennes.


The opportunity to learn more about the fields of creativity, health, well-being and artificial intelligence. You weren’t there? We offer you a report of today’s conferences.Former tennis player and Fed Cup captain Julien Benneteau came to Digital Tech to share his advice as the new sporting director of SIGMA Esports. With 10 finals contested and as many lost, the ex-tennis player spoke with sincerity of having worked honestly with himself throughout his career, which allowed him to bounce back, especially after his failures, and go looking for great victories. Building on the concept of emotional stability, Julien Benneteau has analyzed a lot of his matches in official competitions, in order to better manage the pressure it generates upon entering the court. Within his new structure, Julien Benneteau advises and supports his team of professional esports players .

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for the sake of performance, but also to work more particularly on the rhythm of sleep or on nutrition. From Digital Health Hub to Human-Driven Data Economy : how to build a fair data economy ? » de Jaana Sinipuro Project director at Sitra, the Finnish innovation fund, Jaana Sinipuro has been working for two years on an international project, which consists of rethinking data and its economy, with the aim of building a new fair model for all. During her keynote, Jaana Sinipuro invited her audience to think about whether data could really contribute to their well-being. For the speaker, the answer is obviously positive: ” data can be used to undertake social innovations. “. While we share more and more data on social and musical platforms, Jaana Sinipuro mentioned a 329% increase in data sharing in the health sector.


They make it possible to prevent diseases, to advance in medical research, but they also raise the question of the control of this personal data. For Jaana Sinipuro, it is crucial to define new common rules to facilitate and secure the sharing of all this data.
Professor of Creativity at Cardiff Metropolitan University, Gareth Loudon explained the reasons why creativity is so important today. It is also one of the most sought-after soft skills by companies in 2019, according to a LinkedIn study, with persuasion and adaptability. For Gareth Loudon, every idea must have a goal: it is the key to creativity. By playing with ideas and concepts, experimenting, learning from others, keeping your goal in mind, you will achieve a state of creative well-being. Gareth Loudon’s advice: ” stay open and attentive to the world around you, you will be able to achieve the goals you have set for yourself “.

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Séverine Arnaud explained how digital could support patients on a daily basis. Appointment scheduling, admissions management, therapeutic education or even post-hospital care and services… The digital hospital of tomorrow will optimize results and improve the patient experience. For the latter, the advantages are numerous: reduction of stress before, during and after the hospital stay, strengthening of the bond with the hospital staff, reduction of the feeling of isolation, improvement of care and safety. Séverine Arnaud closed her keynote by insisting on human relations, essential in the hospital environment. Head of research at Meero, Jean-François Goudou returned to the term artificial intelligence which dates from the 1950s and is back in fashion. If the AI ​​scares the general public today, our speaker wants to break the clichés. “


When we talk about artificial intelligence, we have 3000 years of stories, films or photos behind us. The fear linked to AI is linked to misunderstanding, it comes from the context of the collective imagination and science fiction films. It is actually a set of tools that will improve performance. AI is no more and no less than the equivalent of a screwdriver! In short, AI must help improve decision-making for humans, who will use it by providing them with information. At Meero, AI is used to edit and optimize photos, through the use of algorithms. Jean-François Goudou specifies the important communication effort to gain acceptance for this type of process in a company, whether it is a start-up or a listed company. Want to know more ? Find our interview with Jean-François Goudou .

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