The Virtue That is Demanded in Times of Tribulation

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The Virtue That is Demanded in Times of Tribulation

Difficult times and crises assail individuals to test their courage . They are situations that evolution poses to determine who will be able to function properly in future realities. They are the doors that must be crossed to continue the journey. Inescapable, beneficial and, above all, natural. Without periods of difficulty there would be no evolution for human beings and societies. Life is not (and could never be) a pool of calm waters. Because the waters that do not run bravely decompose and do not contribute to existence. Tribulations shake structures, remove from them what is not useful and prepare everything for superior experiences. There is no one who can claim to have lived without experiencing pain, suffering, disappointment or fear.

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Moments of deep crisis, uncertainty and uneasiness. The tests come inevitably, and change people, society and the world. If the tribulation is properly faced and overcome, the individual is fit to function in the new state. And you can reap what is available in it. But if the difficult moment has not Kuwait Phone Number List been processed well, you will emerge crippled, damaged, weak and exhausted. He may qualify as a survivor, because he is finally still standing to experience the new. But marked by the tribulation he will not be able to maximize the benefits. It is not about understanding that difficult periods happen and you have to overcome them in any way. This logic does not add value to what is lived.

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Rather, it is about confronting them with something particular: courage. Courage Courage. This is the virtue that tribulation demands. Courage and bravery to understand and face adversity. Firm decision and passion Buy Views Like to undertake the necessary actions. Courage represents to people facing adversity what setting sail means to the ship in the storm. Courage is not an ornamental virtue. People who lack it, to one degree or another, arrange their future in the same way. No attribute can replace courage. Knowledge is not enough to face tribulation. Skills and abilities are accessory and are never activated without determination. Intelligence is just a guide that prevents courage from turning into daring, but it never replaces it. It is true that in difficult times rationality is a precious asset, while adversity always comes full of emotions. But reason leads nowhere if one does not have the courage to put it into practice with specific actions.

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