The Ones You Already Have Profitable

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The Ones You Already Have Profitable

This is only true if we know how to handle this strategy correctly. Of course, repeating the same guest post in different meia is not a good idea from the point of view of organic positioning. Every digital marketer knows that duplicate content and SEO are like oil and water. Search engines do not like copies, whether they are on the same domain or on external websites.  you use, duplicating content is a practice that harms SEO. In fact, it leads to a loss of ranking because it forces the search engine to select which of the identical pages to rank first.

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In this way one of the main benefits of sponsore posts is cancelle. It is important to specify that this requirement of originality is one of the main differences between sponsore posts and press releases . In fact, the latter are characterize by the massive Estonia Phone Number sending of an identical text to various meia (their purpose is more relate to branding than SEO). However, at Publisuites we make sure that your press releases are different in each meium in which they are publishe to prevent search engines from treating them as duplicate content. Other disadvantages of publishing meia Each meium has a type of audience Whether it is newspapers or blogs.

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Each  targets a different and well-define segment. Duplicating a web page implies treating different people equally. Would you say exactly the same thing to 16-year-old fashionistas and 60-year-old men who love motoring? Readers will ignore posts Buy Views Like that don’t match their profile. ” Misfit ” posts smell like advertising As was the case with the previous point, each meium uses a characteristic tone that differentiates it from the others. Similar content , by definition, does not respect this idiosyncrasy, so the regular readers of that blog or newspaper will smell the toast sooner rather than later.

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