The Most Popular Content And Creators On

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The Most Popular Content And Creators On

Whether we love it or whether it Bulgaria WhatsApp Number List  the TikTok application will remain as one of the phenomena of the year. If you want to explore the best and the best this year on the platform, the TikTok 100 is for you. 10 categories are offered: viral videos, memes, artists, celebrities, creators, dance, creative effects, animals, beauty and sports. A good opportunity to see the type of videos that work on the platform, sometimes with humor, often quite banal scenes from everyday life, and a positioning definitely turned towards adolescents. We invite you to discover in this article the first two categories, namely the best viral videos and the best memes.This year’s most viral video on TikTok has racked up over 17 million likes and received over 87,000 comments. Created by David Dobrik, it stages a rather explosive experience.


The second reaches 6 million likes and 30,000 comments. The video offers us a live operation… of the birth of a banana. Thanks Caleb Cutler. The third completes the typology of videos that can be found on the Chinese application with a fail, namely the ripping of a swimming pool which is going worse than expected. 7 million likes, all the same. In fourth position, a video that has accumulated nearly 5 million views for a fairly banal everyday scene like TikTok likes to highlight. This time it is a fly hunt that goes wrong which has accumulated nearly 5 million likes. The continuation of the top 10: The second ranking that interests us today addresses the memes that have been the most successful on the application, a real trademark for TikTok.

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The best viral videos

In first position, we find POV, a concept of putting the camera in the place of an object that we use, in this case a beauty blender. A meme picked up by many TikTok users. The second makes fun of the phenomenon of VSCO girls, a dress mode (and more) that affects high school girls. In third place, we find the meme Rise and Shine, from a video of Kylie Jenner singing this title to her daughter. The fourth is also surfing a well-known meme of the year, namely the mocked will of certain Internet users to want to invade Zone 51 to finally find out what they are hiding from us.Are you addicted to apps that allow you to better manage your daily to-do list? Or did you use Wunderlist to synchronize your tasks on your different devices?


From May 6, 2020, you will no longer be able to synchronize all of your to-do lists on Wunderlist. Microsoft has just announced the closure of its service, acquired in 2015, in favor of its tool developed in-house and with similar functionalities: Microsoft To Do.With the announcement of this closure, in the pipes for two years, the American giant chooses to strengthen its internal to-do tool, by implementing the features that were (once) the strength of Wunderlist.To overcome this shutdown of the Wunderlist application, we suggest you discover 5 alternative solutions that will allow you to continue to manage your to-do lists with peace of mind. If you use Wunderlist, you will not be too out of place with the concurrent application and developed internally within Microsoft: To Do .

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The best memes

American software publisher even encourages you to migrate your content to To Do now. Microsoft specifies that you will still be able to transfer your to-do lists from one to the other platform after the official closing date, scheduled for May 6, 2020. Be careful, however, Microsoft does not guarantee the correct and bug-free operation of past Wunderlist this date.Presented in September 2019, the new version of Microsoft To Do will integrate the design and old features of Wunderlist, such as grouped lists, sub-tasks, attachments or even the sharing of tasks to be assigned. With the To Do upgrade, new services should also emerge, such as smart lists and a personalized planning tool with task suggestions. To Do will be integrated with other Microsoft products, namely Outlook, Planner, Cortana and Microsoft Launcher on Android,

and will be available in all versions (Android, iOS, macOS, Windows and web). A tool particularly appreciated by project managers for managing and optimizing teamwork, Trello can also be used to organize your tasks. Create as many boards as you want to list your ideas or projects, even your shopping list, which materialize as cards. You can invite your colleagues, or loved ones for personal use, to share and comment on your checklists on Trello. The tool is free and very easy to use. is an application that combines several features: agenda, calendar, reminders, lists and notes. Your data is synchronized between your devices (smartphone, desktop or tablet). With, it is possible to share your to-do list with the members of your team and assign them tasks.

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