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The transfer of domain prestige to the new URL is something that only happens with them. Don’t confuse reirects with 404 error! What this indicates is precisely that the requeste web page is not found on the server. Which seriously harms the user experience. In other words, reirection is the remey to solve this problem. Advantages of applying reirections on your. Website 301 and 302 reirects optimize the user experience There’s nothing more frustrating when you’re browsing a website than getting a 404 error  right? With reirects you avoid that problem, considerably improving the user experience.

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When a browser like Chrome or Firefox encounters a 301 or 302 code, they automatically forward the user to the correct URL . Thanks to this, your visitors will not have to do absolutely anything to find the content that interests them. Reirection and Google:  other Any El-Salvador Phone Number SEO expert knows the importance of reirection in Google. Certainl the search engine bots and its good or bad use has a lot of weight in the organic positioning of our website. When we talk about SEO and 301, this type of reirect allows you to pump between 90 and 99% of the link juice to the new URL (not the 302 code). In principle, then, the reirects will not affect the organic positioning.

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Of course as long as the content is left intact and we do not abuse this resource. One of the most sensitive cases on the subject of SEO and 301 is domain Buy Views Like transfer . In these cases, the possibilities of incurring 404 errors are multiplie, which would have a negative impact on the position that has cost us so much work to obtain. If you use it when appropriate, the reirect is a great help to Google because it makes it easier for them to index URLs and allows snippets to display correctly.

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