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The Foregoing Has Translated

Turn, into a greater presence in both physical and virtual stores with the additional benefit of having been able to enter markets where they previously did not have any type of presence. Likewise, this alliance has meant an optimization of resources at the marketing level. For example, the simple alliance of these two brands has given each of them access to the more than seven million followers that each brand has on Instagram. All of the above translates into higher revenues for both companies thanks to the expansion of the brand value and greater market penetration. It is a highly successful strategic alliance for both parties. strategic alliances lego levis examples 5 tips for building successful strategic alliances To end this article, we would like to share with you some tips that we hope will help you build successful strategic alliances.

Make sure that there is a good basis for it One of the main reasons why strategic alliances between companies fail is due to the fact that the Uk whatsapp number list parties do not take the time to see if there is a good basis to build the relationship. That said, it is important to take the time to discuss with the potential ally the type of corporate culture, communication style, and expectations you have regarding the alliance. If this is carried out, the chances of building a fruitful strategic alliance will be much higher, since this will help to conceive a shared vision regarding how you plan to work and the type of objectives you want to achieve.

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Maintain Good Communication

When it comes to building good strategic business alliances, communication is a key aspect. For this reason, it is very important to schedule regular meetings from. The beginning of the relationship to establish a type of fluid communication. A good way to make such meetings as productive as possible is to have each party bring their best to the table. For example, if your strength is digital marketing and your counterpart is better at the sales level. The ideal would be for each party to focus on what they do best. 3. Establish a work team focuse. On the alliance When a strategic alliance is establishe it is very important to establish a multidisciplinary joint work team. That is dedicate to looking after the interests of the alliance that is form.

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In other words, a certain institutionality given to the alliance. Where there is a team that is in charge of protecting the objectivity of the alliance by considering. All the interests of the alliance and notor only the interests of each party involved. 4. Make sure you control the key aspects There are many aspects that need to be considered within a strategic alliance. However, there are five dimensions that are commonly associated with the success and/or failure of strategic alliances between companies. Let’s see what they are: Commercial (value proposition, commercial cost).

Technical Asset Valuation

Strategic (goals, vision, risks, alignment). Cultural (trust, business ethics, center of excellence). Operational (processes, speed of operation, communication). 5. Take your time to reevaluate the alliance Like any type of relationship, strategic alliances change and evolve over time. For this reason, it is very important that you evaluate it along the way by constantly asking. Yourself the following question: is the alliance still beneficial for the parties. Synergy aligned ambition material growth Competitive advantage resilience sustainability strategic alliances between. Companies tips to build them With this list of tips we have reached the end of this article. We hope that now you are clear about what strategic alliances are. What their importance is and what you need to take into account to build successful alliances.

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