The curious history of fruit logos and designs

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The curious history of fruit logos and designs

Yes, an orange can be a design object and an exhibition reviews the history of fruit logos in spain what would you think if we told you that there are great examples of good graphic design After that, in greengrocers small stamped works of art that you take home every time you buy oranges or tangerines and with which you have surely played at some aftermeal table.

We are talking about tissue paper, stickers, boards and wooden boxes, elements that are part of the fruit graphics and that collect authentic miniature works of art in just a few centimeters. Now, the fruits of design exhibition reviews the history of these mythical designs at the centrocentro in madrid as part of the madrid design festival programme .


The curious history of fruit logos and designs 1 some fruit designs in spain.

The history of fruit design the origin to photo retouching service understand the beginning of these fruit charts, we must go back to 1826, the year in which paperpackaged fruits appeared in spain. Initially, these papers were smooth and their function was to protect and preserve these fruits, preventing a damaged piece from damaging the others. The printing of silk paper appears at the beginning of the 20th century to personalize boxes of oranges for export.

The fruit was individually wrapped and sold per unit at prices. After that, that were only within the reach of the richest. In this context, the fruit brands were born out of the need to package and identify. Orange boxes for the international market. In addition, the fruits were more appetizing with a brand and presented wrapped in. Wooden boxes, explain florencia grassi and leandro lattes, designers at the el vivero studio and exhibition curators.

photo retouching service

The curious history of fruit logos and designs 3 at first.

The fruits were wrapped to protect and preserve Buy Views Like them. Evolution 20th century those first labels from the beginning of the 20th century. Used to be gravure with great graphic quality. Between the 1920s and 1950s these wrappers evolved, adapting to the prevailing styles of the time. Such as art nouveau or art deco , and the graphics were filled with ornamentation related to paradise and symbols of escape .

As the designers of el vivero say, “fruits are After that, represented as sweets, often. Associated with the sun, good weather and health benefits it is a healthy and delicious sweet. In the 40s and 50s, several authors. Were inspired by figures from american cinema and advertising , which we find alongside exoticism. Primitivism, advances in transportation and family portraits”, they add. The curious history of fruit logos and designs 6 another label that is part of the exhibition.

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