The Classical School Where the Following Are Grouped

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The Classical School Where the Following Are Grouped

The School of Scientific Management or Taylorism The School of the. Administrative Process by Henry Fayol-The Empiriological School of Ernest Dale-The Bureaucratic School of Marx Weber. Schools that emphasize the human aspects in administration: Elton Mayo School of Human Behavior. In addition, Chester Barnard’s School of the Social System Schools that rely on advances in logistics science. Decision Making School The Mathematical School cybernetics. In addition, Operations Researchers Schools that look mainly at the relationships that exist within the administration. The Structuralist School of Dahrendorf, Maintz and Etzione Situational or Contingency. School and Ludwig von Bertolanffy School of Systems The idea that I have been proposing and applying for several years is largely affiliated with the school of human behavior and the theory of relationships.

Our Energy to Building

I am a faithful believer in the creative and transforming potential of human beings, which, if combined effectively with other elements and thoughts, I know that any organization will have great possibilities to reach levels of effectiveness and organizational achievements Anhui Mobile Phone Number List effectively. Every human being has the ability to build well-being, in this sense at the organizational level, managers have a great opportunity to be generators of well-being from the place where they are, we must change this linear thinking regarding people in organizations, for one more thought towards the complex, it will not be possible to give solutions to complex issues or processes with a linear or reductionist thought, in this sense it is necessary to understand that generating profit in the financial statement IS ESSENTIAL but that this will come naturally from doing things well.

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Order to Reach the Goal

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We can change the perspective of generating well-being in organizations by building well -being FROM organizations. When we change the word generate, which is perceived as a manufacturing process. To the word build , we are giving fair value to the effort, to the structuring of the will. And by changing the word in the organizations to FROM the organizations, we are blowing up Buy Views Like the walls that represent the walls of the company, that is, we can go further, generate a meaning behind the actions, generating value along the way, we cannot continue thinking that the When people enter the organization we can disassociate ourselves from all the edges of our lives and focus only on work is not sustainable, we are complex beings and even if we want to do that sooner or later, it will be reversed naturally.

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