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In he argues that our brains need rest to process knowledge and make connections between old and new knowledge. Just being offline or moving are investments. And as said before, after a period of rest, such as a good night’s sleep, you sometimes see sharp connections that were not yet sharp in the evening. In Hyperfocus, Chris Bailey’s B2B Email List devotes part II of the book to snippet focus and creative thinking. His premise for that creative, lateral, meandering way of thinking is that it’s a different energy from focus thinking: Your brain cannot combine focus and think about something.

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Calling on foot Many of us now spend longer in front of a screen than if we were working in an office. The natural interruptions of a colleague who asks something, spontaneous brainstorming, or a conversation at the coffee machine are usually not there. Also, the viewing direction is only working a different one. In an office, there is often something to see and your gaze moves away from your screen more often than at home. A lot of video calling also means that you have the typical look of someone who looks at the screen and therefore does not really make eye contact.

B2B Email List
B2B Email List

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Or just looking at the camera and then missing the screen. This typical effort requires variety. This can be as simple as regularly taking your eyes off your screen and looking into the distance if your workspace is distant. But also regular exercise. For example, which tasks can you do on foot? There are bound to be phone calls where you don’t need all kinds of documents or take notes that you can do on foot. Or that you combine with simple household tasks (ironing!).

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