Step Plan For Targeted Communication.

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Step Plan For Targeted Communication.

Arjan Broere discusses in his book ‘ I AM TAO ‘ (affiliate) how to do that. He argues Brazil WhatsApp Number List for clarity and simplicity, based on the following: fewer lengthy e-mails and meetings, but more focused communication with attention to what you communicate. How do you handle that? With the five steps of targeted communication, summarized in I AM TAO, in which each step helps you to communicate purposefully. Turn your idea into a concrete goal, or idea. Almost all interactions start with an idea, for example. An idea lacks direction and that is why it is difficult to communicate about it in a targeted manner.

Steps of targeted communication

If you make the idea a goal, it becomes much more tangible. Let’s make our Brazil WhatsApp Number List team meetings more fun by regularly changing the form of consultation let’s show our portfolio to new customers via video communication about a goal that is less noncommittal than when you just share an idea. The success of your communication depends on what your target group thinks of it. With a few simple questions, you can tailor your goal to your target group. Think of: Once you have a good sense of those you are communicating with, what they know and think, you can find the right tone and content.

Formulate the core message or your message. Given your goal and your Brazil WhatsApp Number List target audience, what is the essence of what you have to communicate? If you have a very condensed version of this, you can put together text or slides later. The other way around is more difficult In this step you choose the tools and techniques. Which means of communication do you use and which style or working method do you use in that means of communication? Decide what call to action you include. It’s tempting to end a Q&A presentation or send an email with ‘If you have any questions, I’d love to hear them, but then nothing happens. How are you going to ensure that you explicitly aim for action in your interaction?

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