Their Communication Strategies An Adequate Social Media

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Their Communication Strategies An Adequate Social Media

Objective description You must name each target to identify it. In addition, Google Analytics will ask you to select the type of objective in question from three options: conversion funnel : objectives description Destination : These objectives fix the conversion on a specific page of your website. To be able to fix it, it will be enough to enter the name of your page or the URL. Duration : It will measure the conversion in the time that a user spends on a page.

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Even if he does not buy your product, if he spends a certain time on your page, it will be considere a conversion. Pages/Screens Per Session: You must specify a numerical number of pages or screens per session. In this way, users who visit more Luxembourg Phone Number List pages than the set number will represent a conversion for the Google Analytics system. Event : To set these objectives you must mark what will be considere an event on your website. Thus, the user who interacts with your site will be considere a conversion. As the Google Analytics page itself indicates , event targets are “user interactions with content that can be tracke independently from a web page or screen load.

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This way you will be able to measure the number of users that will download content on your websites, as well as knowing which elements they interact with. 3- Set the conversion funnel Once the objectives are set, it is time to make way for the Buy Views Like conversion funnel. You will not have problems with Google Analytics, since it is very easy to carry out this step, you will only have to complete two actions. Check conversion funnel option Select the steps to follow so that X behaviors are considere conversions. In short, if you use conversion funnels you will have the opportunity to know how your website performs and the number of users who access it through various channels . It is also a fundamental advantage when making improvements.

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