Small But Significant Tips

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Small But Significant Tips

The loading speed of our website is very important because it is primarily what separates the surfer’s encounter with your website and the first impression of the website. Many surfers even now experience this problem of slow websites and impatience is not lacking in any of us and I believe not in you either. Because waiting too long for a website to load 5 seconds can feel like an eternity in today’s digital age.

Why is site loading speed so important

A faster site will bring more visitors to Venezuela Phone Number List the site, more conversions and less abandonment!
Studies and our clients also show that simply improving the speed of the site has given them more visits to the site, more leads and, at the same time, more income.

It is important to understand that it is really fun to have the most beautiful website in your niche, but a beautiful website does not necessarily mean a good user experience. Always consider the speed of your site when setting up a new site or when upgrading the site. Avoid unnecessary elements that are just fun for your eyes but usually burden the site’s loading time.

Venezuela Phone Number List

Website speed test on Google

As you probably understand, first I wrote down why it is so important in the eyes of the surfer and not in the eyes of Google, since Google wants everything for the benefit of the surfer and that all the Buy View Like sites in its search engines will be to his satisfaction especially in terms of the user experience.
In addition to this, Google has a high importance for the site’s speed for the reasons I mentioned earlier for its ranking.
It is true that this is just another parameter among the 200 or so for the ranking of the site, but it is an important parameter that should not be taken lightly for the surfer and not only for Google.

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