Siri Recordings Are Listened To By Apple Contractors

In its latest ad, Microsoft called on Poland WhatsApp Number List “Mac” Book to present its Surface 2 laptop and demonstrate how it is better than the computer of its competitor, the MacBook Air.Throughout the advertisement, we can see the famous Mac Book using the Surface Laptop 2 and praising it. This Mr. Book is asked a series of questions about the two devices, for example the laptop which “lasts the longest” or which is “faster”. Each time, he chooses Microsoft’s option.When the voiceover asks which computer has the best touchscreen, Mac Book replies, ” The Surface 2 has the best touchscreen, because it deserves one .” To which the voiceover responds, ” Oh, that’s right, MacBook Airs don’t have a touchscreen . “At the end of the announcement, the actor ends by quoting this sentence: “ You should get a Surface, trust me, I’m Mac Book . ”

This is not the first time that Microsoft has taunted its competitors during its advertisements, and Apple is regularly the target of its campaigns. The latter is also not left out when it comes to making fun of his opponent. This joust between interposed advertisements has been going on for a few years.It is the telephone operators who will be responsible for blocking calls that do not comply with these new rules. As of today, it is in theory impossible to make an automated call from a mobile number. On the other hand, with regard to the use of geographic or generic numbers, operators have until January 2021 to block them.Apple has embarked on a long campaign to position itself as the most privacy-conscious group and therefore bear a greater burden in terms of standards.

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Sensitive conversations with location, contact and app data

While it is common knowledge that the big names like Google and Amazon also use service providers to analyze the requests of their assistants. do the same on the issue of processing user data for quality control and improving services may not be enough for Apple if the firm is to maintain the position and the competitive advantage it brings.In a market that is declining slightly, the share of Chinese manufacturers of mobile phones is at its highest ever.he mobile phone market continues to decline, with sales volume in the second quarter of 2019 being 1% lower compared to the same period last year. This has now been 7 consecutive quarters of decline. The big loser is still Apple, which saw its sales fall by nearly 12%, with 36.4 million phones sold against 41.3 million in 2018.


The top three in the ranking continue to share the market widely, accumulating nearly half of sales (47.2%). A newcomer is emerging in the top 10: Realme, with 4.7 million phones shipped, up 848%, and a market share of 1.3%. Chinese manufacturers are recording their best performance ever, with 42% of the market and 5 brands in the top 10: Huawei, OPPO, Vivo, Xiaomi and RealmeThe notion of influence is currently being heckled, with a profound questioning both of the audience of certain headliners, but also of the large gap sometimes observed between what is posted online and what is actually experienced. . This tendency to magnify everyday life can go very far, the example of this Chinese video-blogger is a good example. Very popular in her country, the one who calls herself

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Less than 1% of daily Siri activations affected, according to Apple

The Apple brand remains in third position, behind Samsung (76, 6 million units sold, + 7.1%) and Huawei (56.7 million units sold, + 4.6%). Your Highness Qiao Biluo ” presented herself as a young woman was in fact a woman in her fifties much less glamorous than she let appear. In question, a filter used which changed its appearance.A technical problem removed the filter during a live-stream, revealing the deception to the audience on July 25. The fans, so far very generous (we are talking about donations of several thousand dollars per live-stream session), then packed their bags, stopping to follow her en masse, stopping their donations and leaving the live. The story caused a stir in China, and raises questions about influence in general, but also about the veracity of what we see online. The success of applications like FaceApp marks the start of a new era in the field.


This additional information can be used to verify whether a request has been processed successfully. In its privacy documents, Apple says Siri data “is not linked to any other data Apple may have from your use of other Apple services.” No specific name or identifier is attached to a record, and no individual record can be easily linked to other records.Apple subcontractors have regular access to recordings made by the assistant, as part of their quality control and service classification work. In particular, they are responsible for recording responses based on various factors, such as whether the activation of the voice assistant was intentional or accidental, whether Siri could provide a response to the request and whether Siri’s response was appropriate. According to Apple, “the data is used to help Siri, especially with diction, so that it can better understand you and recognize what you say .

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