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Signs You Need a New Mobile Development Team

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Signs You Need a New Mobile Development Team

It should have looked like a stairway to heaven. You started rolling a wheel and you should be proud of yourself. You had a great idea for a project, you went to Jordan WhatsApp Number List hire people who kept patting themselves on the chest and saying they would make it work for a reasonable price. Yet, it sounds very disturbing, there are these nasty signs that your development team is letting you down. Whenever you have the opportunity to interact with people who are meant to make your dreams come true, you don’t feel serenity; that no longer satisfies. So where should you look for a reason for this embarrassment? Is the problem on your side or the other – and how do you deal with bad programmers if there are? To help you with the search, we will try to highlight the key points that signal your expectations and your team splits. This article is not a comparison between good developers and bad developers, because there is no ultimate sign of a bad software company.

Your Team Consistently Pushes Deadlines

Here, there are some things you need to pay special attention to during the development process; although we do not provide you with direct statements such as the characteristics. Of a bad developer or the signs of a bad development company; we’ll draw your attention to some warning signs that every entrepreneur should be aware of. 1. Your team consistently pushes deadlines. team deadlines Without unnecessary exaggeration at this point, we are all humans. For better or for worse, mistakes on our part tend to happen, and not all of them can be avoide in advance. A deadline once missed could probably be explained and excused due to an emergency. However, failure to meet consistently set deadlines is a bad sign – it symbolizes the irrational allocation. Of resources, which can lead to major product problems. Solution: The contemporary world has a long list of time management tools.

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You Always Feel the Lack of Communication

Jordan WhatsApp Number List
Jordan WhatsApp Number List

For these purposes, in Mind Studios we use the following tools: Slack – a dream for every entrepreneur, founder, investor and VC. Slack allows us to take our team collaboration to the next level. It gives us integrations for task management and team messaging. It’s also beautiful, fun, and well-designed, allowing our customers and team to enjoy the communication process. Redmine – a flexible project management web application that lets you create projects. Divide them into epics, estimate tasks, and calculate time spent on each task. Redmine’s paid alternative is call Jira and could also be used for better project management. Using the tools mentioned, we know the deadline before it arrives, which greatly reduces the opportunity for a “missed target day”.

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