Seven email marketing keys to succeed on Cyber ​​Monday

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Seven email marketing keys to succeed on Cyber ​​Monday

After Black Friday comes Cyber ​​Monday. According to estimates, this year American consumers will spend between 6,000 and 7,000 million dollars. In Spain, expenses are expected to grow between 20% and 30% compared to last yearIn order to help digital marketers increase their sales, acens has analyzed the use that companies and virtual stores make of email marketing tools such as Your Bulletin to reveal the seven keys to succeed on Cyber ​​Monday.There is no doubt that email has great advantages as a marketing tool. According to Radicati Group, by 2020 there will be more than 4,000 million email users, that is, one in two people on the planet will have email. This Denmark Business Email List tool usually has the user’s permission and acceptance to receive newsletters; and it generates many first-hand statistics, which allow you to personalize content and offers, on the one hand, and improve efficiency on the other. Email helps to increase the customer base and retain existing customers, so it is not surprising that for every euro invested in email marketing, almost 80 euros of return are obtained according to DBS Data.But to be successful in email marketing campaigns, acens recommends:According to DBS, up to 10% of marketers believe that it generates emails that are not interesting. If you are not able to create original and attractive content for your audience then you will be wasting time, but above all wasting a sales opportunity, since 86% of users agree to receive a newsletter at least once a mont

In the era of hyper-personalization, the possibility of segmenting the profiles of the target audience to offer them promotions that are really interesting will allow to increase the success of the campaign. Personalizing is much more than putting the user’s name in the subject of the email. According to data from Nielsen, the efficiency of promotions grew in the first half of 2017 to reach 31.7%, compared to 30.8% in the same period of the previous year. And, despite the recovery in consumption after the crisis, 25% of buyers are looking for some kind of discount on their purchases.One of the advantages of newsletters is that if they have been designed and optimized correctly, they look good from any device. This allows you to read content and get information from mobile terminals, and then make the purchase from the PC. According to Adobe Mobile, when buying, consumers prefer to do it from devices with large screens due to the ease of browsing the online store (30%), the possibility of viewing larger images (26%) and security (16 %).Dedicate as many resources as social networks.Despite the rise of social shopping and the importance of social networks to interact during the purchase process, the advantage of email marketing lies in its effectiveness. With a well-defined database, delivery success is 98% according to DMA, with an open rate that can be around 50%. Added to this is the advantage that many users open the newsletter from their mobile phones when they receive it and save it to read it more calmly at the time that interests them the most and from the support that suits them best. A window of opportunity that is greater than that offered by social networks.

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An abandoned shopping cart? A new product similar to the one a customer already bought? A successful purchase and delivery? Any of these excuses is Buy View Like  good for sending a new email to a customer and thanking him for the purchase, informing him of the upcoming arrival of news or items similar to the one he purchased … Sending an emotional email to a satisfied customer can increase your sales by up to 20 %It favors the sharing of emailing on social networks.L os newsletters are a very useful tool to merge in social media actions, either designing and creating content designed to share, facilitating their “socialization” or inviting direct action networks receptor newsletter. For example, including Instagram photos or share buttons.When designing the newsletter, think about the colors, reactions and emotions you are looking for in the user, images and sizes of texts and images… For example, putting symbols in the subject of an e-mail can improve the open rate by 25%. Try to put different messages in the subject of the email, change the frequency and time of sending, ensure the delivery of your emails by configuring the SPF record

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