Salon Des Entrepreneurs: “Today’s Employees

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Salon Des Entrepreneurs: “Today’s Employees

For nearly 30 years, the Salon des Belarus WhatsApp Number List  meeting place for all business creators and managers. If the theme of the year 2020 is oriented around the positive impact and responsible entrepreneurship, the event is aimed at all profiles to help and support creators, whatever the stage of their project or development. A few weeks before the opening of the Parisian show, which will take place on February 5 and 6, 2020 in Paris, we met Laurent Baccouche, general commissioner of the show: he explains to us how the event fits into the evolution of the entrepreneurship in France since the early 1990s. The Salon des Entrepreneurs has been in existence for almost 30 years. How do you see this road traveled? The show is in phase and in connection with the creation of companies and entrepreneurship in France.


15-20 years ago, the role of the show was to create envy. Business creation was going well, but it was not where it is today. We had a lot of people who didn’t know what it was to create a company. It was about developing the spirit of initiative in France, to ensure that there are more and more entrepreneurs who want to get started. For 7-8 years, with the explosion of the auto-entrepreneur regime, the entrepreneurial spirit has settled in France. The figures for business creation in France explode every year. The role of the Salon des Entrepreneurs today is to support the transition to action and to help those who get started to grow. Previously, we were more sure of taking the initiative, In 30 years, training has evolved a lot. Support networks have also become more professional. Today, the Salon des Entrepreneurs has a role to play in terms of sharing between entrepreneurs.

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The Salon des Entrepreneurs has been in existence for almost 30 years. How do you see this road traveled?

We see that there is a huge need for exchanges. The show has also changed a lot at this level by adopting a much more participatory mode. We try to stick to the expectations, the needs of our participants, to ensure that business creation develops, that there are more jobs. We know what is happening on the ground. Our role is to support both small and large structures, while having this need to tailor-make, to meet personal expectations and this need to exchange between entrepreneurs, which is a real added value in this kind of business. ‘event. What will be the highlights of the 2020 edition of the Salon des Entrepreneurs? Do any themes stand out? The main characteristic of the Salon des Entrepreneurs is that it is aimed at all audiences, regardless of the stage of progress of the project, whether one is about to create.



in the process of creating, or on the first years of business development. Depending on the profile of our creators, we offer them tailor-made programs that will meet their expectations. Our main theme planned for the year 2020, which will be transversal to the entire show, is that we want to become THE big meeting place for responsible entrepreneurs, committed at all levels. Today, we can no longer talk about business without responsible commitment. How to reconcile business and positive impact? This is the theme of our opening debate for the 2020 show *.To better meet the expectations of our participants, we tried to reorganize the entire show around two phases: “start” & “boost”. In this first part, we want to help creators get started, around support, formalities or even setting up their business.

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How did the event adapt to changing trends?

And, in a second phase, we are addressing those who are already in the creation phase and who are looking for a solution to grow their structure.such as financing solutions, information on digital, international or the latest innovations. . We have tried to translate these two phases into our entire program, our conferences, our workshops and in the structuring of the show for this 2020 edition.Inside the show, we have also left more room for immersive experiences, spaces for co-construction, networking, coaching and many other activities, the aim of which is to promote exchanges at all levels. These spaces will allow sharing of advice and an overview of the project, beyond the technical and practical responses that will be provided by the 350 exhibitors.


Have you observed a change in mentalities around entrepreneurship? How does this reflect on the program and on the event? The figures speak for themselves, 25% of French people want to create their own company one day and more than 800,000 companies were created in France in 2019, all statuses combined. Mentalities have indeed changed in recent years: everyone can set up on their own, everyone can go.Starting a business is part of the journey of a lifetime. You can start with an employee career, set up on your own and come back to it. Entrepreneurship today is no longer a final choice in one way or another, it is part of a professional career. This forces us to adapt: ​​we must address employees today, who will become the entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

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