Said And He Wasn’t Insulting

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Said And He Wasn’t Insulting

At SFB Digital Marketing, all data is measurable, associat with campaigns with pre-set goals and coordination of expectations. Thanks to a correct analysis if there is existing data in the account. And whether or not then with a correct research of the target audience, it is possible to target the exact target. Audience as much as possible in order to receive a high return on investment.

This is how the initial process works:

Learn more about my working method I will build a marketing strategy. We will define the goals of the business together I will build relevant target audiences for the campaigns. We will create a quality sales funnel Let’s start bringing in sales

The cost of management fees is divid into 2 parts. This is a one-time payment paid at the beginning of our joint work and includes the setting up of the campaigns, research and audience building, implementations and follow-ups for monitoring the performance of the campaigns and their improvement, etc.

How much does it cost to manage a Google campaign

This is a monthly payment for the management France Phone Number List and ongoing maintenance of the campaigns, which include daily optimization of the campaigns, testing and improving the ads, analyzing the performance of the various audiences, analyzing in Google Analytics to understand the journey of the user on the website from each campaign and more, and all this in order to constantly improve the The performance of the campaigns and of course the profitability.

France Mobile Database

In the following link you can see the prices for managing a professional Google Ads campaign . If you have already had the chance to use Facebook’s advertising system and go through the types of campaigns that Facebook offers us to advertise with, you must have come to the conclusion at some point that the conversion campaign is the campaign that brings you the most purchases or leads on the site.

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I’m here to put things in order for you, so I’ve prepar a detail guide explaining the types of conversions that can be tracke with the Facebook pixel and how to set them up.

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