References Are One of the Most Powerful Life Lessons Ever Created

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References Are One of the Most Powerful Life Lessons Ever Created

They describe in short lines that drama experienced by the purposeful individual, the one who creates, who takes on challenges and wants to extract from life “something more” than what everyone sees. That is the “man in the arena”. Without him there would be no evolution, let alone progress or development. To that man, who must add to the difficulties of the road the misunderstanding and judgment of his fellow men, Roosevelt dedicates some beautiful phrases. He tells him, in short, that the credit goes to him. There are hundreds, thousands, possibly a few million individuals in the world who can associate themselves with the model of Roosevelt and his “man in the arena,” but they are never the majority.

That Make Up Our Existence

On the contrary, they are a majestic minority of people who fight every day, with their “faces stained with dust, sweat and blood”, there… in the arena. Among those individuals are, for sure, the entrepreneurs, at least those who finally overcome the early tests and walk their way to the top alone. These are the phrases of Theodore Roosevelt’s “Man in the arena”: The Man Changsha Mobile Phone Number List in the Arena – Theodore Roosevelt “It is not the critic who counts, nor the one who points the finger at the strong man when he stumbles The credit goes solely to the man in the arena, the one whose face is smeared with dust, sweat and blood, the one who fights bravely, the one who misses and misses again and again, because there is no effort without error and without limitations.

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Generally in All Areas

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The one who counts is the one who actually fights to carry out the actions, the one who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions, the one who exhausts his strength in defense of a noble cause, the Buy Views Like one who, if he is lucky, savors the triumph of great achievements and if he does not have it and fails, he fails at least by daring the greatest risk, so that he will never take the place reserved for those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat. It is not the critic who counts… it never is! Because he does little apart from prospering with the work of others, whether he is lucky or not. It is easy to criticize, tremendously easy. Almost grossly simple.

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