Pinterest 5 New Things for Your Business Pinterest Can Be Quite Relevant

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Pinterest 5 New Things for Your Business Pinterest Can Be Quite Relevant

Pinterest can be quite relevant for your corporate social media. Strategy and even more so if you have an e-commerce site. Long kept away from other social media. Pinterest has been able to charm its audience and is gradually becoming. A real gold mine for businesses. From the smallest to the largest structure. From the best known to the newest on the market, each company can have its place on Pinterest. Recently, the social network unveiled the 5 new features of its platform. It’s time to open your eyes. 5 new shopping ideas on Pinterest? Internet users use Pinterest, in most cases, for inspiration on a daily basis. This social network allows a few keywords to have access to “tables” as varied as each other.

5 New Shopping Ideas on Pinterest Internet Users

For example, if you search for the keyword “Dress”. Pinterest will select images related to this keyword to inspire users, but also. Now, to suggest that they VP Design Officers Email Lists buy the products that inspire them. As a company, it is then necessary to meet these users. That’s good, the platform is developing more and more advertising opportunities for them. Professionals must therefore become creators of inspiration while facilitating the passage from the “inspiration” stage to the “conversion” stage. Pinterest has understood this well by developing new tools conducive to Social Selling. Here are the 5 latest shopping innovations that Pinterest is preparing: “Shop a brand”: how does it work? This new feature will highlight your company’s product catalog.

Personalized Shopping Recommendations Will Appear Pinterest Will

VP Design Officers Email Lists

Indeed, if the Internet user comes across one of your product-enriched pins, he can discover more by clicking on ” more from [brand] ” (for the English version). This product catalog will be presented in the form of pins. A good way to highlight your universe and offer them other flagship products from your catalog. Personalized shopping recommendations will appear Pinterest will allow its users the possibility of accessing a section of personalized shopping recommendations associated with one of their boards. This section will be present in specific tables such as decoration, fashion or beauty. Indeed, each board currently has two sections “Your pins” and “More ideas”. It is in the latter that the user will find a “PShopping” tag in which he will find a catalog of recommendations similar to the products in his table.

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