What Are the Factors That Influence the Consumer’s Purchasing Decision

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What Are the Factors That Influence the Consumer’s Purchasing Decision

In 2019, e-commerce is still a flourishing sector. Consumers are increasingly turning to this distribution channel to make their purchases, but also to think about their future purchases. To this end, the company Trustpilot has just unveiled the results of its study on customer reviews, conducted on a consumer panel of 1,500 people in France. These results shed light on the factors that influence purchasing decisions. Between influencers, word of mouth, and social networks, recommendations can come from anywhere. According to this study, which recommendations are the most taken into consideration? What sources of information does the consumer favor before the act of purchase? Before any phase of the purchase, consumers tend more and more to inquire first on the Internet. A fortiori when it is a purchase of a high amount.

What Sources of Information Does the Consumer Favor

If one of the first reflexes is to look for the coveted product on the google search engine. Other parameters are increasingly taken into VP Safety Email Lists account in the purchasing decision. Social networks play on the purchase decision for many years. Social networks have been part of our daily lives. This is why they play a major role in corporate communication strategies. Also, from this trend comes social selling. In other words how to use social networks to encourage the consumer to make a purchase. Purchasing behavior now includes recommendations, opinions. Reviews of a product or service are found on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. The era of web 2.0 is therefore upsetting consumer habits. Indeed, it comes to shake up the standards by including new consumption analysis factors and social networks are becoming. Real levers of activity for french e-commerce.

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Social Networks Play on the Purchase Decision

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Opinions and recommendations on social networks often come from influential people. Influencers, who benefit from a large community, therefore have a very important role in the purchasing decision. But they are not the only ones. Social networks act like word of mouth, and everyone is likely to give their opinion on a product. Recommend it or, on the contrary, advise against it. And since millennials are the most present. They represent a major target for e-commerce companies. Aged between 15 and 35, these young people like to share their tips and do not hesitate to praise a product or even the contrary. This generation is currently the most likely to be influenced on social media when making a purchase decision. Customer reviews are trending more and more Chat rooms were cutting edge in their day.

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