Promote Your Christmas Offers

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Promote Your Christmas Offers

Lead scoring 2 Why it is relevant to have a good marketing strategy 3 How lead scoring works What is lead scoring We call lead scoring a technique use in marketing to assign a score to the leads in our database . Thanks to this we can classify them according to how prepare they are to make the actual purchase. phases until he comes to make a purchase. Not all leads are worth the same and what we do with this technique is to specify the degree of interest that potential customer has for our products or services.

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In this way and depending on its “temperature” (cold, warm or hot), we will assign one type of content or another. Certainly, not all people who approach our brand are equally intereste in our products or services and it would be a mistake to treat data to Belize Phone Number be collecte them all in the same way. The use of lead scoring in marketing thus allows segmenting leads according to their quality in order to provide them with the most appropriate treatment. Lead nurturing vs. lead scoring When we have a lead in inbound marketing , there are two things we can do with it: classify it ( lead scoring ) and provide it with a continuous flow of personalize content  lead nurturing.

Belize Phone Number

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As you can see both concepts, far from being opposites, are fully compatible. More appropriate than the opposition of lead nurturing vs. lead scoring Buy Views Like turns out to treat both concepts as two phases . The first thing would be to score or qualify the leads to then provide them with to such scores. Lead scoring vs. lead nurturing What are their differences? CLICK TO TWEET In short, it is not correct to speak of both concepts facing each other, since, in reality they are two.

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