Product analysis report: 10,000-character long article, dismantling station B in an all-round way

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Product analysis report: 10,000-character long article, dismantling station B in an all-round way

As well as author of this article disassembles the functions of Bilibili’s business. Including 7 modules: content community. E-commerce (membership purchase), live broadcast, game community, knowledge payment. Me and advertising, and analyzes the existing problems in the development process of Bilibili. The problem is summarized. As well as content is very detaild and shared with you.

Market Analysis

As well as B, full name “Bilibili”, nickname “Xiao Po Station”, was born on June 26, 2009. In the initial stage of the establishment of the station, it was positioned as an ACG bullet screen video website, and the target users were two-dimensional fans; the core function of the platform in the early stage was to share videos from third-party platforms, and to conduct comments and exchanges in the form of “barrage” on the video.

In the nearly 11 years of development so far, Station B has explored two aspects: vertical deep cultivation and horizontal expansion.

As well as the one hand, it will continue to deepen the Thailand Phone Number vertical field of secondary elements and enrich its business forms. Station B has joined the live broadcast, e-commerce, games and other linkage businesses derived from the two-dimensional direction, and has expanded from videos to comics, column texts and other content forms, deepening the construction of its two-dimensional community,

Identify competing products

Thailand Phone Number

As well as to the firm and unshakable leading position of. Station B in the second-dimensional vertical field, and its product positioning change. From the second-dimensional bullet screen video website to a comprehensive youth interest community. The first bullet, AcFun, Rotary and other two-dimensional vertical fields Products will not be countd as competitors for analysis below.

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As well as iQIYI, Youku Video. Tencent Video, which provides comprehensive video entertainment services for all Chinese screen names. And Bilibili, which provides services for young people, there is a more direct competition between the current and future user market. competitive relationship.

At the same time, it also has the attributes of a content-based platform. As one of the products deployed by ByteDance in the video field. Xigua Video, although there are certain differences in product tone and station B, has a high degree of core business direction and station B. coincide. The face-to-face competition brought about by the high degree of overlap of core businesses can enter the

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