Planning and Evaluation Fields of Training and Professional Work

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Planning and Evaluation Fields of Training and Professional Work

Evaluation can be conceptualized as a dynamic, continuous and systematic process, focused on understanding present knowledge, and through which the achievements acquired based on the previously proposed objectives are verified. The Evaluation acquires meaning to the extent that it verifies the effectiveness and enables the improvement of the teaching action. Education professionals understand that what actually prescribes and decides the “what, how, why and when to teach” factor is assessment. Educational Planning and Evaluation  The term evaluation appears from the industrialization process that occurred in the United States at the beginning of this century, which not only affected and modified.

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Its social and family organization, but also forced educational centers to adapt to the demands of the productive apparatus: In the early years of this century, schools were conceived as factories, students as raw material, and educational concepts of knowledge, values, and social relationships were Lithuania Phone Number List reduced to terms of neutrality, technique, and strict means-end reasoning. Evaluation is becoming more important every day, since it is a fundamental component of the reform processes whose central purpose is to improve the quality of education. One of the priority objectives of the students is to satisfy the demands of the «exams.

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Establishing planning, to evaluate. Business control and school evaluation evolved in parallel at the time of its initiation and first development. “This is the context in which scientific evaluation in education arises. Within an essentially quantitative paradigm and with a technocratic mentality, and by which it will be conditioned until now.” (Casanova, 1998, p. 29) Educational evaluation  Buy Views Like has been evolving according to professionals who are deepening and modifying it. According to Ralph Tyler “evaluation consists of verifying whether or not. The results obtained at the end of an educational program coincide with. The objectives or performance that was initially intended to be achieved. Therefore, evaluation, as the process that allows determining to what degree the educational objectives have been achieved.

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