people Are Way More Interesting

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people Are Way More Interesting

One of the most useful features in social networks is the ability to target the customers, that is, to choose which pairs of target audiences will be expose to the advertisement, thus distilling the ad or post according to the target audience, as well as avoiding an unnecessary budget that is not relevant.. Targeting refers to a wide range of characteristics Users, starting with a profession, continuing with interests and ending with hobbies and desires.

Control and reflection on advertising on social networks

So you set a budget, distribute posts Hong Kong Phone Number List and ads, and now – how will you know if it works? The first and unequivocal proof of a campaign that works is, of course, the amount of leads/sales that come in, and even more so – the actual conversion rate, thus reflecting the relevance of the exposure.

All these data should be reflecte that they are linked to one or another analytics tool. The most popular tool is Google Analytics 4 , which with the correct coding of the links distribute on the advertising platforms, all the information will arrive properly in one system from where it will be possible to analyze and draw conclusions about the behavior of the surfers according to the campaigns you have published.

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But in addition to that, there is the option of controlling distribution and exposure data, by a meta system, which enables online monitoring of the various publications in the social networks, and of course leads to more efficient conclusions each month with the start of the month’s campaign.

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Organic advertising in social networks

As in every field of life, there is also the traditional and familiar way, which is perhaps also the most enduring, and it is the conventional, natural, organic way. Advertising on social networks is also possible in an organic way, by writing attractive posts that receive promotion in themselves, for their very writing or innovation, thus constituting the most surprising and marketing act possible. Organic promotion usually involves a social manager who will manage the array of posts, usually this requires a minimum of 2 posts per week.

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