Fewer Clicks on Organic Results More Clicks on Paid Results

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Fewer Clicks on Organic Results More Clicks on Paid Results

Internet user behavior is constantly changing. Today, for example, their queries are more geolocated and much more precise. A recent study, carried out by Rand Fishkin and Jumpshot, has also just brought to light another phenomenon. They click less and less on the natural results of the Google results page, whether on mobile or desktop. Conversely, they click slightly more on paid results. Is this then a reason to invest more time and money in your SEA strategy to the detriment of your SEO strategy? The answer is no. This trend rather denotes a change in behavior to which we must adapt. Thus, natural referencing must now integrate these new parameters. What does the study on the behavior of Internet users on Google tell us? Rand Fishkin is a recognized expert in the world of SEO.

What Does the Study on the Behavior of Internet Users on Google

This study revealed 4 trends in the evolution of Internet searches. 4 observations on the search habits of Internet users click less on the natural results of VP Facility Manager Email Lists the Google results page. They click more on paid results, namely Google Ads text ads. The increase in clicks on paid results does not compensate for the decrease in those on organic results. More and more Internet users are doing “no-click searches”. Why do Internet users click less on organic results? The findings mentioned above highlight a new behavior among Internet users. If they click less and less on the natural results and do more and more searches without clicking, it means that they find the answer to their query directly in the SERP.

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Faced With This Trend How Can You Adapt Your Digital Strategy

VP Facility Manager Email Lists

This can possibly be explained by the fact that the size of the screen of mobile reduces the display of natural results. Mobile users are therefore more confronted with paid results and Rich Snippets than with natural results. They have to scroll all the more to reach them, and they don’t even have to since they can find an answer in the paid results or the Rich Snippets. Faced with this trend, how can you adapt your digital strategy? Betting on a paid referencing strategy Google Ads text ads are the first results a user sees on their results page. It would therefore be very relevant to deploy a SEA strategy to significantly improve your visibility and ensure you have a good click-through rate.

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