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The Last Time That Google+ Had Caught the Attention of a Large

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The Last Time That Google+ Had Caught the Attention of a Large

The last time that Google+ had caught the attention of a large part of Internet users, it was mainly because the latter had suffered a security breach in November 2018. Today, we place Google+ under the spotlight for one last moment of glory. Indeed, it is very sad news that the social network announces to us, let our experts tell you more… The announcement of the end of an era? Indeed, it is time to say goodbye to our dear Google + . After 7 years of good and loyal service, the social network takes its hat off and gives way to newcomers. Basically, many Internet users are not surprised by the disappearance of Google+. Also, Google announced that Google+ would be the first of a big spring cleaning. Indeed, Google wants to make an inventory of the least used applications due to security vulnerabilities.

The Announcement of the End of an Era

Data confidentiality is an important criterion for users before registering on a social network. Because of this, Google+ doesn’t seem to live up to Payroll Directors Email Lists Project Strobe. Why did Google decide to remove Google+? It was after studying the advantages and disadvantages of the social network that Google decided to end the Google + adventure. Indeed, after the security breach concerning personal data, Google has made its choice. Although the network is not the first in terms of active users per month. It is still used by some Internet users. As a result, users could see their data being resold for an as yet unknown purpose. Although this case did not make as much noise as the Cambridge Analytica case, we must be aware that the risks are the same. Finally, this black spot overshadowed the positive points of Google+.

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Why Google Decides to Remove Google+

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Has this security breach accelerated the process of overpressure of the social network?It would seem so, given Google’s announcement about it on their blog. Added to this is a low number of users, as Google pointed out in their article. What about your data on this network? You can still upload and save your user account data to the network. If you remember to save the photos on the network, you should know that they will not be deleted. As for the deletion process, it will take several months. However, from February 4, 2019, new users will not be able to create new profiles, registration to the social network will then be blocked.

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