Nurturing, more than segmenting email marketing

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Nurturing, more than segmenting email marketing

At this point there are many users, professionals, companies and brands that consider a marketing tool that today is very powerful, email marketing, for dead and buried, which is still alive. While it is true that we see that this form of GREECE BUSINESS EMAIL LIST may be declining personally, in terms of professional matters it is booming: we consult our emails more than once a day and twice a day, and the sending of emails. electronics between brands and users are the order of the day.

Among the many advantages that email marketing presents, perhaps the most important is the possibility of carrying out campaigns totally and completely adapted to our target audience. However, the trend is to go far beyond segmentation , which of course is always essential in an email marketing campaign, but in marketing in general we are going towards, not just looking for a specific target , but To the user, we go for a very specific user-client profile that is the one that interests us and towards which, specifically, we launch our campaign..The question arises as to whether absolute customization is plausible or not to achieve success in our company, understanding the company as the objective. The truth is that the user likes to feel special and unique, to think that the brand carries out unique and exclusive promotions for him to reward his loyalty to it, that is why it requires that differential treatment, so the answer is obvious.


But what are the goals that we can pursue with nurturing? Fundamentally, those that we have already mentioned: customer loyalty and the achievement¬† Buy View Like of new customers who, attracted by our proximity, decide to take the step and acquire the product or service that we offer them. Loyalty means providing a good service to those users who are already with us, showing them how important they are to the brand and caring about them, providing them with not a good, but an incredible customer experience. Give them the exclusive treatment they deserveTo do this, to get so close to a user we need to be very aware of what their tastes, preferences, interests, what products they buy, what they have tried, if they have ever tried ours. Everything we can know is positive for us. We must also be able to credibly personalize our message. It is not enough because in the header of our newsletter we include a ” Dear customer ” or ” Dear Juan “, we have to go much further.It is necessary to be close , to show them in that letter that we have understood what their needs and tastes are, as well as to show them how we are going to satisfy those needs, in addition to providing them with products or services that, although at this time they are not going to acquire, may interest them at some point.

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