Various Types Of Tools Store Design Marketing Functions

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Various Types Of Tools Store Design Marketing Functions

Take advantage of any advantage of your application and take advantage of it. One of the influencers’ tools are videos, so if you don’t want to contact them, learn from their methods. Ingenious, creative, attractive videos… and even emotional ones. Differentiate yourself from the rest and you will get the attention of more people. Which will help you get more downloads of your App. 9.- To do this, it allowe, thanks to augmente reality, to play Angry Birds in front of a screen in the middle of the street. In addition.

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He complement it with other options, such as being able to photograph himself with a virtual kangaroo. Or allow users to dance and sing to the rhythm set by a mobile application on the giant screen. 6.- The New Yorker Some of the most Vietnam Phone Number List ingenious augmente reality campaigns have to do with the relationship between paper objects and images or videos. It was logical for the mass meia to test this technology to give more value to their publications with other types of content that would enrich the information. This was the case of The New Yorker magazine, which use augmente reality on one of its covers.

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To access the information it was necessary to use an application, Uncovr, which together with a mobile device allowe you to take a walk through New York City but create in black and yellow graphics that were the same as the paper cover. 7.- Ayrton Senna Institute One of the most ingenious augmente reality campaigns is the one launche by the Buy Views Like Ayrton Senna Institute aime at Brazilian Paralympic athletes. Since the Paralympics were held in their country, from this entity they set themselves the goal of promoting the athletes of Brazil. And for this, nothing better than a video of Ayrton Senna, three-time Formula 1 champion, which was reproduce on a simple bracelet. In the video, Senna won, not without effort, the 1991 Brazilian Grand Prix.

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