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Influencer Marketing Focus on Partnerships Influencer Marketing

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Influencer Marketing Focus on Partnerships Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing, as its name suggests, is a marketing technique that uses the notoriety of influencers to promote a product. As a reminder, an influencer is a person who, through social networks or a blog, promotes a product or service of a brand, with the aim of influencing consumers in their future purchases. But how is influencer marketing evolving? Who are its influencers? How does a partnership work? Our experts answer you based on the 3rd edition of Reech’s annual study on “Influencers and Brands” in 2019. Instagram: at the heart of the influencer profession In 2019, an influencer works mainly from the different social networks he has in his possession. As a result, Instagram is elected as the best communication medium for our influencers. But why? Instagram is a growing social network. It offers a multitude of features for influencers.

Instagram at the Heart of the Influencer Profession

They can thus publish stories and interact with their communities, publish visual content. Publish igtv, launch lives with their communities, and Risk Managers Email List finally exchange. With their subscribers thanks to the instant messaging service offered on the social network. In other words, instagram is a fabulous tool since it is full of creative tools. Also, it is, therefore, the most requested social network for partnerships. Since 67% of partnership requests relate to instagram. Indeed, thanks to these different possibilities and to the large. Audience of the social network, brands see in instagram as the ideal platform to promote their products as well as their services. Through interactive or non-interactive visual media. But then you are not without wondering. How these partnerships that you see every day on your instagram newsfeed work.

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The Partnership the Stages of Operation Indeed

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The partnership: the stages of operation Indeed, every day many partnerships are born on Instagram. So if you are a future influencer looking for a partnership or a company that wants to promote. Its products or services through instagram, here are the key steps to a good partnership. Connecting influencers and brands contrary to popular belief. Influencers are not systematically contacted directly by the brand wishing to form a partnership. Very often, expert influencer marketing agencies are responsible for this step. The actors of partnerships resulting from influence marketing Source: Infographic by Reech The selection of the influencer for the partnership.

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